Saturday 8 September 2012

Say Cheese! Polaroid Block Swap

 Have you seen all those fab polaroid blocks that have been popping up all over blogland of late? The very clever Little Miss Shabby came up with these awhile go.

Well I finally decided to jump on board and make some myself!

Blocks 1

Not only that, but I’m following in the lovely Debbie’s footsteps, and hosting a swap for these gorgeous blocks for us Aussie and Kiwi gals. What a great way to get a range of little fussy cut blocks for an I-Spy quilt!

Blocks 4

Been wanting to try out some of these blocks yourself? I’m sure you have! And you definitely should! CapitolaQuilter has a fabulous tutorial for chain piecing these things and it makes it quite fast.

Blocks 3

So why not make some and join our little swap? There’s no minimum participation. You could send in just 5 blocks if you wanted (and get 5 randomly chosen blocks in return) or you could go nuts and make 50! But 50’s it, folks. My sanity won’t handle more than that I think!

Blocks 5

I know 50 right? Sounds insane! But look what I did today.

Lots of blocks

That's some of the 35 I made. They are seriously addictive. Plus I fussy cut duplicate prints to make another set for the swap. Just need to get busy and sew the borders on.

So interested? I’ve started a Flickr group for this little swap – you can find more details of how it all works there. Just keeping this a swap for Aussies/Kiwis due to the length of time postage can take from other places in the world! But if you meet that criteria, would love you to join us! Smile There are limited places (only going to do a 30 people swap so it doesn’t get too crazy and make my mailbox explode with teeny Polaroid blocks all begging to be swapped) so be quick!

Polaroid Block Swap


  1. ooooh yay! I just zipped over to Flickr now and said a big yes:-)

  2. Shame Latvia is just that bit too far away!

  3. Finally! Yep, they're too fun and you've got some awesome prints in your collection. Have even more fun swapping.

  4. Fun! I was in Debbie's swap and can't wait to see what I get back. Good luck swapping!

  5. Your blocks are adorable!! If I were an Aussie I would love to participate. Have fun!!

  6. Love your group name - makes me smile! I'm sure you'll have as much fun as Debbie's swappers. Welcome to everyone who visits the chain piecing tutorial on my blog- I'd love it if you took a minute so say hello and let me know you stopped by!

  7. Gosh that sounds like even more fun! I missed out on Debbie's one and sadly yours isn't international. Maybe there will be another one soon =D

  8. Some of your blocks are so sweet...they are very collectable so I have signed up.

  9. Wish I could join! Great idea!

  10. Count me in! Was looking at these over at Jaffa Quilts not long ago and thought they were so cute.

  11. They are so cool! Shame I live on the other side of the world or I would have def joined in ;-)

  12. I would love to do this one but I have way too many projects I want to finish so I'll just watch from afar! I love the idea though!

  13. Cute, cute, cute! Love this idea.


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