Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sushi, anyone?

 It has been five days since last I sewed. Five days, people. That’s practically a crisis. Though I have been thinking about sewing so that kind of counts. Plus I was kept a little busy with a few birthdays and my fab sister visiting, so I didn’t really notice the not sewing.

But! I made up for it today. I paper pieced a block that I drew up the other day. It’s for a paper piecing bee some of my quilty gals and I have started. With a little nod to the amazing Ringo Pie girls (search Flickr for “Ringo Pie” – seriously amazing!), we have named our little Bee “Wombat Stew”. Because we’re Aussie and we like to eat wombats.


It’s the title of a kids book. No, really, it is. And it’s a cute name for our little paper piecing bee.

Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts is our first Queen Bee. She chose Japanese cuisine (she is living in Japan at the moment!). Now I know nothing about Japanese cuisine. So google to the rescue for some inspiration! And here is the result! A sushi platter!

Sushi platter

I am so excited that this turned out just how I pictured. Oh except for the chopsticks – I put the coloured bit at the wrong end. But that’s okay. Did you notice that before I pointed it out?

Cuzco chopsticks

That little bit of fabric is from Kate Spain’s Cuzco. I added that in because Alyce is a huge Kate Spain fan – so I thought it’d be appropriate to include a bit of Cuzco somewhere along the line!

Sushi rolls

Forgive me – lots of photos and a bit of bragging in this post. This block has 17 sections, and these sushi rolls have 19 pieces each. And the block is 8” x 12”.I think I can get away with a little bit of bragging Winking smile

FishyTuna and wasabi

Who knew that Patty Young’s Lush fabric would be perfect for sushi?! I used the Running Stitch fabrics for the fishy (no idea what it’s called) and the tuna piece, as well as the Leaf print for the wasabi.

Sushi2Sushi platter

From my initial drawing in EQ7 to the finished product in fabric. Yep. I’m pretty happy!!
Meanwhile my other WiPs do not have much progress! I have something that looks like this:

Knotwork with scissors

The scissors are there for scale. That’s some fiddly paper piecing right there! I really have to get cracking on this WiP as it needs to be a finished project for Friday 14th. Why? For this!! (It’s started btw! Check out the dates at From Blank Pages for some fun projects already and start thinking about one of your own for a chance at some fab prizes!).


And my ongoing WiP at the moment – my poor neglected Diamond Stars! They STILL look like this:

Diamond stars in a heart

I did buy some more purple fabric to do some work on them though – does that count as progress?!

And that’s the sum of my current projects at the moment. At least the ones I can tell you about Winking smile

Linking up with WiP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced – one of the best linky parties to keep me motivated and on track with my WiPs!


  1. OMG five days!! Did a little facial tic start up?? Great sushi plate, it looks good enough to eat :-)

  2. The sushi plate looks fabulous! The Lush fabric really does suit. I really like the different colored (tiny) bits inside the sushi rolls, wonderful attention to detail.

  3. Wow, great projects on the go, Kristy! That sushi block is fantastic!

  4. Sushi's not for me but this is cute, especially the chopsticks. Lovely print and effect. Five days? You consider that a crisis? I haven't sewn for 16!! No machine, no EPP, no nothing and it might well continue for a while.. :(

  5. Yet more evidence that you have finally flipped - 17 pieces in the sushi rolls???? Looks great though, I can see why you are happy with it, I would be ecstatic, but then I would never attempt 17 piece sushi rolls!

  6. That sushi is so freaking fabulous! Brag all you want, you EARNED it.

  7. That is seriously adorable!!! I love it!

  8. I'm not a sushi fan but I like yours! I thought your chopsticks were still in their little wrapper so there you go! You are a crazy woman with those tiny little pieces though!

  9. You are a paper piecing freak! There is something so very feng shui about that might be cute wasabi!

  10. wow, your sushi is making me hungry! and that paper piecing block is amazing-- so tiny. really nicely done!

  11. Oh my gosh, that block is AMAZING! Well done you

  12. My daughter loves that book. I love your block, I did not noice the colour bits were at the wrong end until you pointed it out, so easy fix, don't point it out.

  13. That is amazing! Great work, as always. I love seeing what you come up with. :)

    Now I want some (real) sushi though...

  14. Wonderful work. Love those diamond stars and fiddly paper piecing.

  15. That is the coolest paper pieced block ever! I actually thought you had laid real chopsticks over the block until I looked again, brilliant!

  16. Such a fun looking block. Looks like Kelly and I have similar eyesight I thought the chopsticks were real too!
    Of course buying fabric counts as progress...towards eventually making something with them =D

  17. fun projects! Your diamond star project is very pretty!

  18. Amazing! I don't personally like sushi but I LOVE your block!

  19. That is awesome! So adorable - I love the details.

  20. Your sushi is just so seriously creative and beautiful! I think I could learn a thing or two about paper piecing from you!

  21. The sushi block is fantastic! I am kind of hungry now just looking at it lol!

  22. I love the sushi Kristy! So sweet, and genius, and yes, you should totally brag about it. ;)

  23. Kristy that is AMAZING!! Maybe you should stop sewing for a couple of days and then produce masterpieces :)


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