Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Stash

Well I had hoped to have a bit more to show off this week but alas, the post is slow and I am waiting on a few packages still to show up (the end of my fabric bender, honest, no new additions since then!).

But here are a few fabrics I have picked up of late!

Purple seems to be a tough colour to get a good range of fabrics in. So whenever I order from overseas and need to reach 9 yards (gotta make the most of that postage!!) I tend to look for fabrics in colours I don’t have a lot of – purple, grey, yellow and brown.


The top 2 fabrics are from Ty Pennington’s Impressions line and the bottom one was just a random fabric I found at Spotlight. These are destined for my Diamond Star quilt. I really need to get a move on that one too! I’m hosting TGIFF at the end of this month and I think that’ll need to be my big finish to share!

I also picked up these fabrics from Sprightly Fabrics on Etsy. Have to say – fabulous customer service. There was a bit of a mix up with my order but Monique was on it straight away and super helpful.
New fabrics
Lori Holt for Riley Blake, Sew Cherry, Sew Dots in brown (See my above note on adding brown to the stash!)
Little Yellow Bicycle for Blend Fabrics, Vintage Summer, Songbird in white (LOVE this one!)
The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake, Apple of My Eye, Floral in red

 I have another rather fab addition too! It’s not technically TO the stash but it is FOR the stash. A new iron!!
New iron

Surely only another quilter would understand the excitement behind a new iron? One that doesn’t put smudges on your blocks, and heats up super fast and super hot, has an extra long cord and an auto off switch?! Yep, definitely a quilting thing. I certainly don’t iron anything else in the house – but fabric – that’s a reason to be excited over a new iron. I scored this one for my birthday along with a new camera! Talk about spoilt!!

So that’s me! What have you added to the stash this week? Link up over at Finding Fifth and share! Word is Fiona’s having a little giveaway if she reaches 10 links in her linky party! Ooh incentive! Winking smile

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  1. Oh I am onto #3 iron and something just stopped working with the dial last week so I might need to buy a new one soon.
    Good on you for adding brown and grey - my 2 fave colours in home decor.

  2. Very jealous re your new iron! I need a new one too, but am putting it off until my current one gives up the ghost. Would love to hear a review in a few weeks :)

  3. Cool fabrics and I get excited about a new iron as well ;-)

  4. Yay new iron!! Some gorgeous new fabrics in there too. I need to build my yellow, purple and brown stash too :)

  5. Nice purples! Funny you should mention ironing fabrics, we finally had some nice sunny weather and I could wash all my recent fabric purchases, so then I spent a LONG time ironing them all! Didn't mind a bit. The other day when I absolutely HAD to iron some shirts it was so tedious!

  6. Funny how no matter how much fabric you buy there is always some colours that never seem to be in the stash when you need them, which means more fabric buying! It is a tough world.

  7. A good mix of prints and colours there! We need a decent iron, ours leaks water an awful lot! =D

  8. Those are some lovely purples. And yes, I would be excited for a new iron too! I read on a blog somewhere once about the irons with the auto shut-off always shutting off right before you're about to use them, and I must say I've found this to be so true! I always think about that post when mine shuts off a second before I reach for it. :)

  9. My iron is stuck on cotton, so it's just right for quilting. (The dial fell off a few years ago.) Can't use it for other kinds of ironing... send the shirts out!

  10. lovely fabrics you have there, your right about making the most of the postage!

  11. My stash is love on purples and browns, to. I look for those colors when scanning the sale and bargain bins.

  12. Completely understand about the iron... my Mum asked me what I wanted for my birthday this week and I said an iron! She looked at me like I was insane and said "really!?"

  13. Liking the new iron, it's pink and everything! Its funny isn't it how our stashes develop, I have loads of purple but not much else!


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