Saturday, 1 March 2014

Sew Kitschy – March Block

 Time for the new Sew Kitschy block! I’m loving seeing how your kitchens are progressing so far!

Sew Kitschy

So Betty’s kitchen is starting to look rather pretty with a fancy pot holder, and a cute cookie jar. Now it’s time to give her a mixing bowl and spoon so she can whip up lots of delectable treats to put into the cookie jar! Gosh I think I’d be persuaded to do more baking if I had a cute mixing bowl like this.

Mixing bowl

So the bowl is fairly straight forward to piece. There are only three sections. You shouldn’t run into too many hassles there. There are a few extra pieces around the wooden spoon but I’m confident you can manage those! And well if not, that’s why we have seam rippers, right?! And for the curious – the background fabric shown in the above sketch is from one of Bonnie and Camille’s lines. I used mostly their fabric prints in the Sew Kitschy sketches as they just worked so nicely!

I have listed the March pattern in my Craftsy store and the February pattern is now available for sale. Please note that I’m on Aussie time and we are in the future here – it already being well into March 1st. SmileIf you’re not keen on waiting for all of the rest patterns to be released as freebies one month at a time, I also have the full bundle available for purchase for the eager beavers!

Progress Sew Kitschy

Head on over, download the pattern and get sewing! Then make sure you pop back here to link it up to share with your Kitschy Kin. I’ll pick two winners from the linky party to win their choice of 3 of my patterns from my Craftsy store – just some added incentive for linking up! Oh and do go check out other people’s blocks and leave a comment. We all love comments after all!

And before I go – thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments on my giveaway yesterday (go here if you haven’t already – nice comments not required but appreciated!). I have been feeling a bit down about not getting much sewing done lately and your lovely words really picked me up. Thank you.

Happy paper piecing! I look forward to seeing the next stage of Betty’s Kitchen!


  1. Thank you. I have been checking periodically today because I knew your day was earlier than ours.

  2. Thank you for this darling download! I am new to paper piecing but very thrilled to do this BOM!!

  3. Uhhh perfect I was JUST in need of a new in-between project but didn't know if I should do a leader and ender quilt or something "simple" this showed up just in fun

  4. i can't believe it is March. Darling block!!

  5. I love this block, my kitchen is going so well. Just waiting to be at home and print the new pattern!!!

  6. cute! can't wait to get in my sewing room and pick out fabric.

  7. this is adorable…thanks for sharing!! :)

  8. I hope it cheers you up to know how much we all love seeing the start of the new month and the joy we get from a new pattern to complete. Thanks for spreading joy to each of us at the beginning of each new month!!! We appreciate all you do!

  9. Thank you, I have my other blocks done, just have to find time to share them.. I am loving the color choices I made and its gonna be the cutest even with my bits of mistakes, I figured out, I have been sewing backwards.. LOL

  10. I love the bowl and spoon - another awesome pattern from you - THANK YOU!!!


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