Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Happenings

 So I mentioned last Friday that I was kind of having a big week. Well it got even bigger that afternoon. Because this happened.

New sewing machine

Why yes, that is a pretty new sewing machine gracing my desk. I was kind of window shopping and dreaming about a new sewing machine when all of a sudden, there I am at the counter, asking the man to order one in for me. Apparently subconscious-me likes a good bargain and is much more decisive than usual-me.

It’s a Bernina 550QE and I am in love. Oh it’s such a dream to sew on. Once I’ve played around with it a bit more, I’ll do more of a write-up to share my thoughts for those interested!

Meantime, must share the background of the above pic. My sewing desk actually faces into the lounge room. When I was trying to take this photo, my children were eating brekkie, in their pyjamas and watching tv. Not the ideal background for my sewing machine shot! So I made them help and hold up a quilt for the backdrop. That’s what happens when your Mum quilts.


My little gal had to stand on her chair to be tall enough hehe! They were very patient though (minor complaints about sore arms after the photo – sorry kids, that’s part and parcel of the job) and then asked if they could do it again. They will be quilt holders yet! They just need to grow a little taller.

So what’s this got to do with my Christmas update? Well I’m thinking this is kind of an early Christmas present for me. Plus I used my lovely new machine this weekend to check one thing off my Making Christmas list!

Exhibit A:
Christmas Robin Wreath mini

Remember my Christmas Robin Wreath pattern I was yapping about weeks ago? Well I finally made it into a mini quilt. You can find the paper pieced pattern in my Craftsy shop.
Close up of Robin

(Ignore the colours on this – they are much closer to the first photo). You may notice there’s quite a bit of quilting happening on this mini. Most unusual for me! I figured this mini was the perfect excuse to try out all the fancy gadgets on my new machine that are designed for FMQ – mainly the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator). Hello easy FMQ! I didn’t even need the foot pedal – I could just focus on moving the fabric. It’s seriously like magic.

Quilting on Christmas Robin mini

I also tried out my new walking foot that came with the machine for a bit of straight line quilting on the wreath. Bliss. And even better, I now have a little Christmas gift done for my Nan.

So my updated list now looks like:


1. 2 x tote bags for the teacher’s aides in my kidlet’s classroom as end of year gifts.  The teacher’s quilt is done, but I’m afraid the aides are getting totes instead. Still no progress – is it HARD to make stuff for people you don’t know well!

2. A maple leaf wreath mini for me – just because I can’t get the idea of this out of my head. No more progress. I’ve lost motivation. Sad but true.


3. Cushions for Mum’s lounge – Christmas present. I have the fabric but that’s it!

4. Secret Santa gift for Wombat Stew. Have an inkling of an idea!

5. Some kind of handmade gift for the kidlets for Christmas. I’m making them cushions! You’ll find out more about that soon during a fun upcoming blog hop care of MsMidge!

6. DWR Challenge finished – that one has an earlier deadline than Christmas so must get moving on that one! BIG progress here! It’s finished!

Something Blue DWR Challenge Quilt
7.  Christmas mini quilt – Finished! Yay!

Christmas Robin Wreath mini
So I’m slowly whittling that list down to a more manageable size. Today’s agenda is to tackle either the cushions for Mum or the tote bags. Depending on what kind of inspiration strikes today. Wish me luck!

Linking my updated list up with Fiona of Celtic Thistle Stitches for Making Christmas!


  1. Nice new machine :) Lucky you! I have that gorgeous robin on my to-do list -I MUST make him (he is so cute!).

  2. New machines are the bestest! Congratulations on the big purchase, I'm sure she will be well loved. :)

  3. Oh wow! I've looked at the Berninas. Does it have a stitch regulator and I'm interested to know how big the opening is. Looking forward to reading more

  4. Congrats on the new machine!! Your mini turned out so cute and look at you shrinking your to do list!!

  5. How fun!! I have the same machine. I've had it for a year now -- love it too. I could never have learned FMQing without that stitch regulator!! Have fun :)

  6. Congratulations on your new machine Kristy....enjoy!!! Love the Christmas Wreath. Also congrats on being published in Quilters Companion. Just got my copy and the Bird Cage is fabulous. Have a great day. Marie (

  7. Congrats Kristy! What a smart idea for the background :-) Your mini turned out lovely!

  8. Hi Kristy! That is the best present! I'm so happy for you! Enjoy and have fun! x Teje

  9. You will whip through that list in no time with your fancy new machine! I hope the kidlets don't stand still for too long they are liable to end up quilted :)

  10. This is the machine I've got! Isn't it fabulous! Love the photos of it with the quilts and I love that you enlist little helpers - just like me when I'm desperate! Gorgeous Robin too :-)

  11. Oh me too. Great machine, eh! Although it seems to need oiling a lot. But it runs super smooth again once it's done. Enjoy :-)

  12. more excitement - Christmas has definitely come early at your house :-)

  13. Nothing nicer than a present for yourself! Congrats on your new baby!

  14. How wonderful! My mother brought home our first Bernina when I was 13 and that's what I've used since. I've owned three (and always regretted trading in the first one) but I am eager to get one with BSR at some point! So excited for you!

  15. How exciting to have a new machine ~ makes sewing all the better!
    I got a new Bernina too and love it.
    Love your little bird in the wreath ~ I've got to get a move on and make one too!

  16. Your new machine sounds amazing and your quilting is looking great :)

  17. Congratulations on your new Bernina!! It made your quilting so lovely on your birdie wreath! Yay!!
    Very cute pictures of your "background" crew!!


  18. Oh that is so EXCITING!!! I love your DWR challenge and Christmas mini quilt - they are just beautiful! You have been very, very busy. I made a messenger bag yesterday and wrote up a tutorial for it as I went along. It took me ten times longer to write the tutorial than make the actual bag!!! Only to find out that my photos were taken on such a low res that they look terrible!! So, more photos today (luckily I need to make another bag anyway!). Sorry vacuum cleaner - you'll have to wait at least another day (yay!)! PS Can totally relate to the kids-in-the-background-of-photos - love it!

  19. Lucky you!! I would love to get a new machine, but so long as my little Ken is running, a new machine is not in the budget ;(
    Unless there was a horrible accident!! Maybe he might slip from my grasp whilst carrying him downstairs for a change of scenery! Or he could slip into the bathtub full of water! And i just realized that it sounds suspiciously like i'm trying to off my husband, for those that read this Ken is my Kenmore not my hubby!
    Love your mini Kristy, it's next on my to do list, just finishing up the nest pattern first!
    And i'm pretty sure quilt holding is in the job description for children of quilters!

  20. Oh Kristy...CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting for you. Got to love a new machine.

  21. Congrats on the new machine! Have fun sewing with it!

  22. I am a Bernina girl, on my second now. The model before this one Aurora 440. You won't be disappointed. I love the stitch regulator foot! This is not a paid advertisement..but "Nothing Sews Like a Bernina, Nothing!"


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