Monday, 5 August 2013

Blocks at random

I’m a bit all over the shop at the moment. My kidlet is finally on the mend, and I’m getting there. But it’s meant a lack of sewjo/sewing time of late. So I have a few random blocks to share!

I’ve been gradually working on the epic LEGO Star Wars paper pieced quilt – two more blocks done. Two to go!

So we have a clone trooper. This guy is one of my kidlet’s favourites. He takes a clone minifigure to school with him each day as his fidget toy.

Paper pieced LEGO Clone trooper

And a baddie who looks kind of similar – Boba Fett. Bonus with Boba Fett is that there’s another character Jango Fett who looks just the same (my Star wars knowledge is fuzzy but I think Jango is Boba’s clone/son). So if you wanted a Jango, you could just colour him different. It’s like two blocks for the price of one. Price being free.

Paper pieced LEGO Boba Fett

Having tested these guys myself, I’ve now added their patterns to my Craftsy shop along with the other Star Wars buddies.

And for a bit of a break from all the Star Wars paper piecing shenanigans, I got my August blocks made for the Care Circle of do.good Stitches.

A bright asterisk on a low volume background:

Asterisk block for August Care Circle

And a lime Irish chain on a low volume background:

Irish chain for August Care Circle

(I’m hoping the colours are showing up okay in my blog posts of late! I just got a laptop and the colours on the screen are different to my desktop so I have no idea which one is the right one! )

So next on the agenda… two more Star Wars blocks and I’m done. Full disclosure – I scaled back the number of light sabers I wanted to include in the final layout, in an effort to save what remains of my sanity. So I am nearly done! In fact I am hoping to have all the blocks ready to share on Wednesday. How’s that for motivation.

So that's what I'm planning... but if you want to start planning a new project, well Fiona @ Celtic Thistles might have just the thing for you! Pop over and check out her post about the Holiday Stitches Mini Quilt competition. It's going to be a lot of fun, and there are fab prizes on offer!


  1. Beautiful the Asterisk. Thanks for sharing. Marie (

  2. Those polka dots sure caught my eye :-)

  3. I'm just in awe of those Star Wars blocks! Sooo cool. I'm hoping to start a quilt of them sometime soon. Still got a lot to learn tho! Ali x

  4. I am not surprised you needed a break from all that Star Wars paper-piecing, I am sure you are dreaming about Star Wars characters in your sleep at the minute. The blocks are looking great.

  5. Haha I'm just wondering where else I could read 'I've scaled back the number of light as sabers I wanted to include' without batting an eye! Looking fwd to seeing your epic quilt :-)

  6. They look great! Good for you on the edit. If Tim Gunn has taught me anything it is editing is just as important as the makes it. I bet the quilt turns out better for it!

  7. Can I have a Star Wars fidget toy too please? Well done on adding two more blocks. You are nearly done with them.

  8. so so close to the finish can do it!! i love your bee blocks too!! Very happy, pretty blocks! :)

  9. Awesome job! So close to finishing!! And i love your bee blocks!

  10. I love that second block, it looks fab with the Summersville alphabet


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