Monday, 10 June 2013

Little Red Goes Vintage Modern

Despite a number of quilty maths issues, the Little Red quilt is finished! And without any further problems! Whew! More importantly, even though it didn’t finish up how I initially intended it, I think I love it even more. Again I say - whew!

Little Red Quilt

You have no idea how long I agonised over what colour cornerstones to use. I even debated the eye-boggling red stripe. It still boggled even in charm square size so I skipped that one.

Little Red stripes

Doesn’t that make your eyes go weird? Or is just me?

Grey cornerstones

Anyways. I think this beautiful grey print is just perfect. Soft and swirly and girly and lovely. Besides, I’m really loving red, aqua and grey right now. Be still my quilty heart.

Squishy backing

I love the back almost as much as the front. It’s plain but it’s soft squishy snuggly fabric. No idea what it’s called. I picked the blanket up at a cheapie store for $15 and it was the perfect size to back my quilt. Much cheaper than buying fabric by the metre for backing! Plus no need to piece it. Win win!

Safe quilting

It’s the kind of fabric you just want to touch because it’s so soft. Downside of being so super snuggly and soft – it did not slide through the machine as easily as one would hope. There was a lot of push, pull, move damnit, tug, shove, damnit, move! happening during the quilting of this one. So basic outline quilting won the day.

Little Red goes Vintage Modern

Here’s where the title of this blog post came from. Little Red meets Vintage Modern. I think this swirl print is one of my all time favourites. I shall have to order more and stockpile it so I never ever run out.

Little Red star block

The background print in red is a sweet little flower print from the Little Red line. Very sweet too!

Mr Wolf goes Vintage Modern

And of course Mr Wolf had to make a fussy cut panel. He’s a bit cute.

So! It’s done! Ready to post off to the new little Miss Rose tomorrow. And she’s not even a month old yet. Impressive, right?! Hope she likes it (or more importantly that her mum does!).

Little Red Quilt 2
Final details: Fabric - Little Red by Tasha Noel and Vintage Modern by Bonnie and Camille. The pattern is based on Charming Stars - a freebie that can be found here. 

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  1. Your fussy cuts are adorable! That backing fabric does look tough to maneuver but looks like you did a great job quilting anyway!

  2. This is SO cute, Kristy! I love this fabric line, and it looks fantastic in this pattern!

  3. Awesome! Great job on the quilting, despite the problems!

  4. Very cute! I love the star centers. And I agree that the aqua swirl is a great print.

  5. Great job! I love the fussy cut star centres - totally adorable.

  6. Very cute :) And those red stripes make my eyes go funky too!

  7. It's pretty, pretty, pretty as usual. Lovely prints, just look at the little houses!

  8. It's lovely and the red stripes make my eyes go funny too. I love a stripy binding though!

  9. No you are not the only one dazzled by those stripes! I am sure your Miss Rose's mum will love it, what's not to love??

  10. Cute! It looks like the perfect size to wrap around your shoulders and sit with hot tea. I'm wanting to back a quilt with minky or some other kind of softy fabric, but keep hearing it's a bear. Going to have to be brave to try it, I think!

  11. Such a sweet quilt! I know it will be loved by the recipient!! Great job you super finisher!!

  12. Love the quilt- those are some fab fabrics, and the grey works perfectly! :o)

  13. I love how this has come out. Just gorgeous!

  14. My eyes go crazy around those stripes too! The other day I had to look away while folding a similar black and white bias stripe. I thought something was wrong with my brain lol.

    The quilt is so beautiful. The fussy cut prints are so sweet and the framing prints coordinate perfectly. Love the soft backing too!


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