Wednesday, 12 June 2013

WiP – the Bee block edition

 For my recent reign as Queen Bee (back in March), I chose the Sliced Scrappy block from Don’t Call me Betsy. Thought it might be nice in my current favourite colour scheme – grey, red, white and aqua.

The worker bees did not disappoint. I’ve had all the blocks for awhile.  What I struggled with was how to put it altogether. It’s not done yet but it’s partway. Hence the WiP title of this blog post.

Scrappy sliced block sashed

The picture is a bit deceptive – it’s not really very big at this stage. Maybe a cot quilt size? But not really a cot quilt theme/colour scheme! Quilt group gals to the rescue. Jane suggested putting all these blocks together then setting it off centre on either a grey or red background.So that’s the next decision. Along with how big I should make it.

Forgive the dodgy picture. The wind was picking up and most of the snaps I got looked like this:

Hard to photograph quilts in windy weather
Then it started to rain. So I gave up. But you get the idea right?

Scrappy sliced block close up

And while we’re talking about Bees… here are a few other blocks I’ve finished up of late. And happy to say I am now up to date on bee blocks. Whew!

June block for Kelly

Paper pieced Road to Fortune for Kelly in QCA Bee #1.

June block for Midge

Refractatorium (designed by Jane of Need It Want It Quilt) for our newest wombat, Melissa for the new round of Wombat Stew.

June blocks for Care Circle

And I’m Queen Bee again! In a different bee! Winking smileThese blocks are based on the Garden Lattice block Stitchery Dickory Dock and it’s what the Care Circle of do.good Stitches are making for me.

I’ve been a busy little bee of late, but boy it feels good to be all caught up!



  1. Looking forward what you do with it. Looks pretty good already!

  2. It looks great, I really like the grey with the aqua and red. Yay for being caught up too, I wonder how that feels :)

  3. YAY for the catch up. Loving your quilt top. The blocks are fabulous and the colour scheme is drool-worthy! xo

  4. wow!!! I just love the colors in your quilt...and gorgeous bee blocks

  5. Wonderful bunch of bee blocks, great job!
    And your quilt top is gorgeous, even if it's only little. Excited to see the final quilt!

  6. Wow, you've been busy! Great blocks, Kristy and I'm loving your Sliced Scrappy block quilt!

  7. Lots of work going on here ~ love the Road to Fortune and the Sliced quilt. Catch up is a good thing to do!

  8. I love that first bee block pinwheel with the skinny circle around it! Amazing!

  9. Your Road to Fortune block is lovely! I love the use of the ruler fabric in the center.

  10. I love your quilt! I think the off centre design will be a great solution ; )

  11. great bee blocks and I love the sliced scrappy block quilt top. I agree that the off center design will look great and will be a great way to make it bigger!

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  12. Absolutely lovely combination.

  13. Love the bee quilt- looking forward to seeing the final setting!

  14. You are a busy little bee!! The quilt and your other blocks are gorgeous!!

  15. Your quilt looks great! I love how grey - usually such a drab colour - looks so amazing in quilts! :o)

  16. I see these blocks are keeping you on your toes! Great work and the quilt looks fabulous. Definitely worth the trouble to get the shots.


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