Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What I’m working on…

Got a few projects in the works – in various stages of completion. Let’s go from closest to finished to just the fabric.

Simply Color + Lucky (Simply Lucky?!) is at a standstill. For no good reason. I just need to baste, quilt, bind and I’m done! What’s holding me up?!

Refresher/recycled pic of the top:

Lucky in Simply Color quilt top

And here it is paired with the back (pieced of course!)

Simply Color   Lucky with backing

Actually I can tell you why there’s no progress. And it’s a ridiculous reason. It’s because I don’t have a large enough piece of batting for it and I’d have to frankenstein it. I hate frankensteining batting. So I’m procrastinating.

The next project partway done currently consists of Bee blocks. I have received all the blocks now and just need to decide how to put it together.

QCA Bee 1 bee blocks

The block pattern is the Modern Sliced Scrappy block by Don’t Call Me Betsy. Very fun little block to put together. I’m just unsure on how to put the blocks together. Thin white sashing? Thin red sashing? No sashing? Oh the dilemma!

And last project – and probably because it’s newest, I’m most excited about it. I recently saw pics of Winter’s Lane pinned by Alyce. And fell in love. No, not with Alyce (though I do adore you, girlie!), but with Winter’s Lane. What a stunning line! So thrilled to find a very well priced layer cake! Was delivered today.

Winter's Lane pretty

I don’t think pictures do this line justice. It is just stunning. So much so, I am thinking I am not even going to cut the fabric up, but simply sew the squares together to make myself a lovely throw quilt for Winter so I can admire all the prints. As the weather has just gotten rather cold (well okay, cold to us coastal types that only see snow if we travel hours and hours), I think a throw rug is much needed. Backed with minky. Mmmm.

So that’s me. Projects in various states of completion (plus there are others that have slipped down the priority list!). Unlikely I’ll be logical and complete these in order. I think Winter’s Lane is calling my name too loudly to be ignore. It might be bumped to the top of the list.
Winking smile

P.S. Hope you have a paper pieced project in progress ready to share for the very first Paper Piecing Party! Linky opens on Friday – come join the fun!

Paper Piecing Party
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  1. Nice stuff! Haha, I always think that about piecing batting, but then it takes hardly any time (I just zigzag the two pieces together really roughly - you can't tell once the quilt is finished, as long as its reasonably densely quilted). I really like the look of the Winters Lane fabric too - can I ask where you found the layer cake?

  2. I love your simply blocks they are so pretty!

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  4. thenlook forward to seeing the new top. if it seems too plain you still have the option of then changing it to a whirly gig / li' twister. sort of top

  5. I love your simply colour+lucky top! The colours are lovely. As for your bee blocks? I'm reading on my phone and at first look I thought it was a finished quilt top and loved it! I would just sew the blocks together without any sashing - it's perfect as it is x

  6. I love the look of Winter's Lane too and totally love your idea of backing it in minky! That would be so soft and warm! I actually thought your bee blocks were already sewn together, I think they look good the way you have laid them out with no sashing :)

  7. I've had my eye on Winters Lane so I can't wait to see what you end up Doing with it. I most likely won't have anything to link up this week but I love the idea of your linky party :)

  8. Looks like you are working on some great projects!

  9. You really have fallen off the one project at a time regime haven't you! Where is the organised and super-efficient Kristy we knew and loved? Seduced by new fabric lines like the rest of us!

  10. The back of Lucky is as pretty as the front!! And your Bee quilt is awesome too!! Layer cakes are great for a fast quilt when you want to be able to look at all the prints. Sometimes there is nothing as perfect as a big patchwork!!

  11. Loving the Bee blocks with no sashing, they look great!
    Looking forward to the paper piecing party link up!

  12. Ooh, that fabric line is beautiful! Something to go on theshopping list for sure. Thanks for sharing.


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