Friday, 24 May 2013

Paper Piecing Party – the first one!

 Ooh exciting – the very first Paper Piecing linky party! And I have something special to share! I hope you do too!

You already know I’m a bit of a paper piecing nut fan. Well I have a group of beautiful friends who are also paper piecing fans! So we’ve started our own bee called Wombat Stew. We pick a theme each month and then come up with patterns to suit.

My theme for my turn last year as Sewing. Some of these blocks may look familar. Yep. These are what started the whole And Sew On BoM idea. You can thank the Wombats for that hehehe.

We have just finished our first round and declared May a break month to put all our blocks together before starting the next round. So! Here it is! My Wombat Stew blocks all put together in a very happy wallhanging for my sewing nook!

Wombat Stew mini quilt

I got brave. Instead of just sewing the blocks together, I reverse appliqued them. That’s right. I cut the corners of the block. Real brave. You have no idea how tentatively I made those cuts. But cut I did.

Lara's block

I had six blocks to use. When I laid them out on the ground, I couldn’t get past the fact they looked like a flower. So I went with that idea.

All 7 Wombat Stew blocks

Here’s my photo from way back when with my block included. I decided not to add it into my wallhanging though and instead just use the other Wombats blocks.

Instead for the centre, I put my brave pants on again and I FMQ’d the centre! I wrote it out first with a Frixion pen then “traced” with my darning foot. All the words represent what I get from Wombat Stew and what it means to me.

FMQ centre of Wombat stew quilt

I outline quilted the flower “petals” and then added a few FMQ swirls in amidst the petals too.

Close up swirly fmq

Finished off with a cute scissors print binding that I bought yonks ago just for this project.

Scissors binding
I love how the quilting looks on the back too!

Back of Wombat Stew quilt

So there you have it! A very special quilt made by my beautiful friends. Lara made the scissors, Fiona did the tape measure and fabric, Marieka’s is the seam ripper, Jane’s is the spools, Gemma did the sewing machine and Alyce made the pincushion. I know right – I’m spoilt by their talent. Thank you Wombats. You know I adore you. I hope I did your blocks justice!

Closeup of Wombat Stew mini

I’m very much looking forward to the next round of Wombat Stew – we’ve added two new members too – Gina and Midge! Tossed them in the deep end to pick their themes first. Can’t wait!

Last word on the wombats... you might want to swing by Alyce's blog today for a fun paper piecing pattern giveaway too. We all need more paper piecing patterns right?!

So that’s my special project I’m sharing for the inaugural Paper Piecing Party! Look forward to seeing what you have to share too!

PPPQP button

Quick refresher on what the deal is with the Paper Piecing Party (full details here). Let’s do it in point form for brevity (that’s a good word isn’t it!).

* It’s on every weekend here at Quiet Play.
* Link up something you’re working on that’s foundation paper pieced
* Link a blog post or flickr photo
* Visit other links and leave a comment because that’s half the fun!
* I’ll pick one each week to win their choice of a free pattern from my Craftsy shop. Keep on paper piecing ;)

Go ahead! Link up!


  1. This quilt is awesome! And what a wonderful way to display treasured blocks made by friends! (and the scissors binding is just perfect!)

  2. What a great way to use your blocks, I would never have thought of that layout! Not the most imaginative soul I'm afraid. Love it and good on you for getting your FMQ brave pants on. I love FMQ and get better with each project, just got to keep doing it!

  3. Oh my! You are very clever!! I LOVE the FMQ'd centre - it's fantastic!!!

  4. Oh my word, Kristy, this is incredible! I wish I had something paper pieced to share today! :(

  5. What a magical piece of pp! I look forward to catching up on a lot of pp projects.

  6. Ooo what a great start to the first pp party. The back of your project now looks distinctively Irish!

  7. Hi Kristy and thank you for a great party! Your quilt is amazing! It's so beautiful and you had a wonderful idea for the design! That text in the center is lovely! x Teje

  8. what a sweet little work of art you have made there. Very original and such a special piece. Great capture of what Wombat Stew means to you!!

  9. p.s. you are very brave!!!! but boy did it pay off!

  10. This is beautiful! I love the fmq'd centre (so clear, so readable! ), the way you've turned the blocks into a flower, the binding - I just love all of it! It's a pity that you've already entered a quilt into the festival (although that one's brilliant too) this quilt's just so original!

    On another note I'm afraid that I've nothing to link up to your party. The only paper piecing I've ever tried is one string block! I hope to do some more in the future but I have to attack my WIPs first!

  11. Thanks for hosting ;) I love the guitar pick shape of those blocks -- so unique!!!

  12. I absolutely love your quilt. It pays to look at things a little differently sometimes:) Nice work!

  13. Great quilt Kristy, love the arrangement you went for it really showcases the blocks and your bravely wonderful FMQ'ing!

  14. It is so wonderful! You displayed the blocks in such a creative and unique way. The quilting is gorgeous and I am *so* impressed with the cursive!

  15. You Wombat quilt is so delicious and flowing! I love that you "felt" the way to put it together, going with the curves! It is so pretty and unique. Your fmq is awesome!!


  16. Gorgeous layout, and the blocks are all so inventive!

  17. This is so cute! Love how you thought outside of the box. Great arrangement.

  18. Wow, it looks great! I've linked up a paper piecing block I blogged about in April, I hope thats ok! It was the first one I've designed myself, so I am quite proud of it!


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