Monday, 20 May 2013

Bloom Bloom Pow – Finished!

Yes creative title I know. But you get the idea, I”m sure! You’re welcome to imagine a better title for the post if you’d like. Feel free to imagine better photos while you’re at it. A photographer, I am not.

King single size Bloom Bloom Pow in solids

It is done and it is big! It’s King Single size – one of the biggest quilts I’ve done in awhile! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’m even loving the neutral binding, instead of the bright pink I had first imagined.

Quilting is pretty simple. Some double straight lines across the blooms and then outline quilting around the borders.

Simple quilting on Bloom Bloom Pow

I had grand visions of doing so much more with the quilting and even trying some FMQ. But my neck said no. So did my back. So did the fabric. And the basting pins. And let’s just say everything was conspiring against me. For the sake of the quilt, I quit while I was ahead and still like the thing.

Pieced back of Bloom Bloom Pow

Here’s a sunlit pic of the pieced back. It’s not actually that transparent. I did add batting I assure you, thought it may not look like it with this pic (see above note about imagining better photos). It’s very sunny outside. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Back of Bloom Bloom Pow

Little Miss 3-next-week chose the backing fabric. Would have loved to have done a complete back in that pink, but at $16.99 a metre, it wasn’t going to happen. So pieced it was with some cheaper fabric. Hey it’s the back, it’s going on her bed. She won’t notice. Much.

Bloom Bloom Pow in place

And here’s what it will look like on her bed. Pretty pretty.

Please ignore the hideous wall paint colours – we are renting, so no choice on that. I did however edit out the incredibly badly red stencilled hot air balloons that adorn the walls. Seriously, what were those people thinking?!

All in all it’s a happy quilt. I really enjoyed the QA at Freshly Pieced and loved hanging out in a little group of Aussies cheering each other on (Quilt love to Molli, Midge, ChristieLeigh and Janine!). I’m particularly happy it’s done with plenty of time to spare before the birthday. Whew.

And finally – I’m still tinkering with the code for the Paper Piecing Party button (God save me from html), but hoping that you are tinkering with something fabulously paper pieced to share in the inaugural linky party this weekend! I have something super fun to share – can’t wait!


  1. Looks fabulous-o!!!! Even with those dodgy wall paint colours lol

  2. What walls? Your quilt steals the scene! What a lucky Miss ;)

  3. Goes well with that pillow and polaroid quilt. As you said, pretty, pretty.

  4. It looks right at home on the bed - lovely! I only had eyes for the quilt - didn't notice the walls! Anyway I'm always happy to know that we don't all live in an exhibit from the Ideal Home Show and have real homes. I hope the problems with your neck and back are only temporary and get better soon!

  5. What a lovely bright, sunny quilt! Perfect for your little lady. And happy birthday to her for next week, she has the best birthday present!

  6. It's amazing and I love that slightly translucent shot of the back.

    What is it about renting in anglophone countries and not being able to choose essential things like wall colour?

  7. Kristy ~ you do lovely photography and your Bloom quilt turned out wonderful. You are so creative with your borders.

  8. Looks beautiful! The quilt, that is! Ha! Here in the United States, when you rent, you can tell the landlord the walls need to be white. I know lots of people who've done that. Not so in your neck of the woods? :(

    1. Thanks Ivy!

      Unfortunately no - it's completely up to the landlord! I'd love plain white walls!

  9. Fabulous, Kristy! I love the colours you chose - beautiful!

  10. Beautiful quilt, Kristy! I like the transparent photo!

  11. Very beautiful, as always!

  12. Looks gorgeous Kristy, congrats on the early finish too! At least your walls are a lot better than the walls in our youngest son's student flat this year- a lovely shade of mottled black mould!

  13. It's a gorgeous quilt, and who's looking at the walls when the beautiful quilt practically jumps off the bed at you! :o)

  14. Awesome finish and way to beat a deadline!! I don't think I am ever ahead of the game...but I keep trying :)


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