Monday, 27 May 2013

Keep Calm and Press On

 We’re nearly into June which means a new block for the And Sew On BoM! Time is flying! Feeling that in more ways than one as we celebrate my daughter’s 3rd birthday today! Bit exciting.

On the note of time flying, I forgot to mention Lia from Lia's Handmades has a tote swap happening - and needs just a few more sign ups - but you must be quick. Sign up ends May 29th! Pop over here for details!

Continuing with my omg-May-is-nearly-over theme.... I thought it was time for a quick round up of some of the May blocks! And a gentle reminder to make sure you remember to link yours up for a chance at some fabulous prizes!

Here’s Amy’s block – she was one of my testers. I love how she did the text background – beautifully lined up too!

And Sew On - Keep Calm and Press On
Mary’s block – again with some cute “wallpaper”!

Mary's block

Susie’s block – with a happy pink iron!

Susie's block

And Sue’s block with a cheery lemon background!

Sue's block

Loving seeing the blocks in different fabrics – they are all looking so great! We are over halfway through the BoM now! Getting into the tougher block territory – but one step (piece?!) at a time and we’ll get it done!

Just remember to link up for a chance at one of these fab prizes! (Linky at the bottom of this post – you can link a blog post or a Flickr photo – so long as you link up, it’s all good Winking smile )

Gorgeous bundle of Yuwa sewing themed fabrics from Sew Me a Song

A Charm pack of Happy Go Lucky from the Fat Quarter Shop

and a scrap pack from Fabric Worm


  1. Ah, I'm late again as usual lol! I will have to finish my May block this week. Desperately!
    Thanks for the shout-out! ;)

  2. This was a fab block to make - I need to find some ditty flowers for a wallpaper background to make another!!

  3. These are looking great - I haven't done my yet, as I was unsure of what fabric to use in the background that would also blend with my other blocks. After seeing these beauties I'm no longer stuck and can hopefully whip them up before the end of the month!!

  4. Loved this block and it came together so much easier than I thought it would!!

  5. Such cool blocks, I am woefully behind in my block making.

  6. Bring on June's block, I'm ready! Loving this BOM!

  7. What there is another block looming and I haven't even started this one!! Will have to get a move on before I end up even further behind :)

    Love those blocks, great fabric combinations

  8. thank you, they are all so cute.. I hope I get some time. I just took a precision class on craftys, if anyone is interested its the link is on my blog for 50% off, I think I am ready to tackle this one. its so precious

  9. Yay! I'm back to being caught up. I love this month's block and wish I had an iron that cute!

  10. I have completely failed this month :0( I'm hoping to get it done this weekend, but the weekend keeps filling up wit more and more plans, I might have to do May and June's blocks together!


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