Friday, 15 March 2013

A little random

 I have a few things to mention so I thought I’d pile them all into one blog post and link up with Really Random Thursday at Cindy’s place.Winking smile Why not! Oh yeah it’s Friday here. Well there’s your first bit of random. Aren’t the time differences weird?

* Moving on. Update – my sister received her “Faith” canvas the other day.

Faith - paper pieced canvas

She loved it (yay!) and was also very touched by the messages people left for her on the blog post about her helicopter adventures (or misadventure!). Thank you lovely quilty friends! Here’s a message from my sister about it:

Wow. I am 'the sister'. Am I amazing? not sure about that.. but I do know I am amazingly blessed to have a sister like mine. I am also immensely proud of her for her creativity, sensitivity and thoughfulness in all her works. I can see that everyone on this post has good taste and also admires her work. I am also blown away by the kind words and support from everyone who commented on this blog. Thank you, it really does mean a lot to me. I LOVE my canvas and it is so fitting considering recent events. I do have faith and it's what keeps me going, but I certainly need to be reminded of it, so having this on my wall and seeing it daily is a great reminder (plus very pretty to look at).
Thank you - to my beautiful sister for loving me and being so encouraging, and Thank you to everyone who posted on this blog x 

Thanks lovely people who commented or sent a message for my sister. It’s so appreciated, from both her and me!

* My son wanted to take his pyjamas in for show and tell at school today today (well they are Star Wars Darth Vader pjs!). I talked him into taking a Star Wars Lego book instead.

* I love Lindt chocolate Easter bunnies. Even though I shouldn't have dairy. They call to me

* My sister arrives back in Oz today and we’ll see her tomorrow. Can’t wait!!! A whole bunch of other family (all the inlaws and outlaws) are also arriving for Nan’s big 90th party tomorrow. It’s going to be crazy but also fun!

* Onto the next bit of related randomness. I have cured my Nan of leprosy. Okay she didn’t really have leprosy – she just looked like it due to my bad ironing.
Melted photo block. Bad bad bad bad quilterPhoto block
I unpicked the quilt, removed the leprous square and replaced it with a nice fresh new one. Disaster adverted and no one will be the wiser. Well except for you good people and you won’t tell will you?
Winking smile

* I mean I really love Lindt chocolate Easter bunnies. Take them away already.

* I have been working on some new patterns. Still a bit retro but not sew retro
Winking smile
Lara's house final

This is going to be Lara’s block for Wombat Stew. It’s Fiona’s month and her theme is Mid Century Modern – mostly furniture but of course you need a house to put the furniture in.

* Lindt chocolate Easter bunnies mmmmm. Even FB is on the conspiracy showing me ads for them. I swear I haven't been posting or talking about them on FB. The chocolate world is against me!

* I just signed up for Instagram. I don’t really know what I’m doing but it looks like fun. Come play with me. I’m “quietplay” on there. If I knew how to link I would. But I don’t. So I won’t.

* And some more patterns. These ones are Sew Retro 2. Coming soon.

Sew Retro 2

* I need to clean my house before the big party. I don’t want to. I want to sew instead.

That’s enough random. Now I have to go be very unrandom and help out in my son’s classroom. Maybe I’ll get to use the “into-traffic” whiteboard again (also known as the interactive whiteboard to people other than my son).


  1. Welcome to the world of Instagram. I have just found you there :o) Im there as lilabellelane :o) hugs

  2. Cleaning sucks doesn't it? It only gets dirty again but sometimes you just have to. My suggestion is if you are a good girl and do the house clean you get a reward - a Lindt chocolate Easter bunny! Win-win situation then! Great work on curing Gran of leprosy, I think she looks even better than before! Enjoy the family catch up chaos!

  3. It looks like you love your sister as much as I love mine. I feel bad for MY daughter because all she has is a snotty older brother. Congrat's to your winner.

  4. Looking forward to sew retro 2. Planning a wall hanging for the remodeled mid century kitchen.

  5. You are very funny. And I love that your son calls it an into-traffic whiteboard. I only get to use my boring on the wall one! Have fun hanging out with your sis :-)

  6. oh my gosh you are hilarious. I hope you have had a Lindt bunny because i don't think you will be able to focus on anything else until you do. Those chocolate thoughts gave Nan the leprosy in the first place. Just have a bunny and take a Lactaid. Lara's block for Fiona is awesome; i might want to live there. I will have to see what furniture comes with it. And i need Sew Retro 2 asap! I hope your Nan has the best birthday ever! 90 years certainly is something to celebrate!! Have fun with all those in laws and outlaws and i hope everyone plays nice! Wish i could be there when she opens her gifts. Have fun!!

  7. Your new patterns are awesome - I love all the retro ones you've been doing lately!

  8. Glad to see your Nan has recovered her good looks in time for her big day!

    Love the retro blocks, look forward to seeing the next set of Sew Retro patterns.

  9. Lovely canvas for your sister just in time. Enjoy the big party for your Nan.

  10. Haha - I love lindt bunnies too! I think you already know that I love your Sew Retro 2 series. The house and car block is fabulous - I'm looking forward to seeing it sewn up. I think you might need to do a caravan as well...

  11. I've been AWOL from reading blogs for awhile, and have just spent a lovely 10 minutes catching up with your life, so comments in bullet points ...
    Sister- wow! I always wished I had a sister, looks like you got a great one!
    Fabric - such a calming collection for your new quilt - you'll sleep well under that!
    Nan - a lovely quilt, and great recover from the accident
    Words - hasn't that one out fab, I'm still behind on the ripper and the thread, hopefully I'll catch up soon!

    Have a fab party with the family and hope Nan doesn't get too emotional!

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  13. Hope your Nan has (or had-time difference!) a lovely party! Also, a question - do you know where I can find paper piecing patterns for flower blocks? Thanks, Kristy!

  14. So I read this last Friday on my ipad, on which it seems such extra work to comment. Anyway...I love your alphabet. Looks so versatile.


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