Monday, 18 March 2013

Busy Bee

March has been busy. Really busy. And it’s not yet done! Much of this month has been spent preparing for my Nan’s 90th party and her gifts.  We had the big party this past weekend and had such a fun time! Nan loved her gifts (though she was a bit overwhelmed by it all!).

Instead of wrapping up the gifts, we put them on display at the party for people to see. I was rather touched the family liked what I had made that they wanted to have them on display! The family tree canvas looked fantastic and picked up on the green decorations we had as our theme (Nan’s a St Pat’s Day baby).

Table decorations at Nan's party

Don’t mind the wonky sheet. We tried to make it longer but every time we did the hooks fell out of the wall so we gave up!

Nan's party

It was a fabulous night, and no one wanted to leave. Unfortunately we were kicked out of the club at 10pm (well we do live in a small town haha!).

Nan's 90th birthday

A wonderful time was had by all. I did have a little giggle when I heard that the next morning Nan apparently told Mum that she’d had the most wonderful dream that the family had a big party for her birthday! (Nan has a touch of dementia these days!). Thankfully we have photo proof for her that it wasn’t just a dream hehehe!

In addition to all the 90th fun, I did manage to get caught up on my March bee blocks too!
Turns out I’m Queen Bee for this month too! Didn’t realise until I checked the schedule. Oops! So here’s what I’m going for.

Sliced Scrappy block
I’m really loving grey, aqua and red at the moment so decided that’ll be the colour scheme for my Bee blocks. The pattern is super simply (and free!) – Modern Sliced Scrappy Block from Don’t Call Me Betsy.

Next up was a bit of a challenge for me – a dresden. I’m not a big dresden fan. All that appliqueing.But I got it done (with a few little wavy bits that had to be ironed into submission).

March block Scrappy Dresden

The colour scheme was simply “scrappy and colourful” so I decided to go a bit rainbowy too. All those fabrics were pulled from my scrap basket. Making me realise I seriously need to sort that thing out. Pattern for this one is here.

For the Care Circle of do.good Stitches, we were asked to make Scrappy Trip Along blocks. Don’t kick me out of blogland, but I haven’t jumped on board that trend. I guess I'm not much of one for scrappy.

Seaside Scrappy

We were asked for Irish Seaside scrappy colours – green, aqua, turquoise with low volume neutrals. Bit of a struggle for me, very different colours to the seaside I have down the road here.

And lastly, but not leastly Winking smile, we have the Wombat Stew block. Fiona’s Queen Wombat this month and she loves Mid Century Modern furniture and architecture. So guess what her theme was!

MCM door block for Fiona

She had a couple of Pinterest boards dedicated to the MCM theme so I picked out what I thought would be fun to do (a door!) and then added my own little touch with the plant by the door.

So I’m almost caught up on March. Bee blocks are all done, but I still have to do my And Sew On block – aren’t I slack?! Don’t forget to link up your BoM block too – the linky party’s looking a little lonely!


  1. Such a lovely way to celebrate your Nan's special birthday! Love all of your blocks too.

  2. Sounds like a great time was had by all!

    You have done well catching up on all your Bee blocks with the party deadline hanging over you too.

    I love the plant in your Wombat Stew block, more teeny, tiny piecing?

  3. LOL! Aw, dear Nan, that's so sweet :) I'm glad she had fun in her dream!

  4. Pat the St Pats day baby? Guess its clear where your Nan's name came from! She looks pretty happy in her photo with her cake so I'm sure she had a ball!

  5. Looks like the birthday was a lot of fun. I really like your scrappy trip along blocks - although I know what you mean about a slightly different idea of seaside colours!

  6. Looks like a great party. And your bee blocks are wonderful.

  7. Oooh, looks like your nan and your family had a wonderful time. Perfect! Your Dresden is really cheery - I wouldn't be able to tell that you don't like them all that much at all. :) To a great week.

  8. Your Nan is so cute!! The party must have made a great impression if it showed up in her dreams!! All of your bee blocks are awesome!!

  9. Your Nan is so cute!! The party must have made a great impression if it showed up in her dreams!! All of your bee blocks are awesome!!

  10. What a lovely photo of your Nan! Sounds like it was a wonderful, memory making celebration. I LOVE your choice of Bee block - it has gone straight to my Pinterest Board. I've not done a Dresden before (and probably won't unless someone in my Bee requests it too!) - yours looks fab with the rainbow colours. I would actually like to do a Scrappy Trip Along quilt, but it is quite a way down the list (and I will 'cheat' and use a jelly roll to speed things up!)! I love, love, love Fiona's door with the plant!! Your Wombat Stew blocks have been so exciting to see. I look forward to each one. My 'And Sew On' block is on my to do list for today or tomorrow (we're toilet training here, so I'm guessing it will be done tomorrow!).


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