Friday, 4 January 2013

Bee Blocks for January

 Ooh boy am I feeling organised! I have done all my January Bee blocks already. And gosh does that feel good.

Don’t be too impressed (I know, you’re super impressed by my productivity, right?!), I kind of have to be organised as I’ve found myself in 4 Bees. It’s like when you go fabric shopping and fabrics just pop themselves in your cart – well I just found myself signing up for more Bees. But that’s it. 4’s my limit.

Plus I made two of these last year. Yeah, happy to admit to cheating. Love when people post their Bee block patterns in advance! ;)

Aviary Teapot

One of the earlybird blocks was Lara’s teapot block for Wombat Stew. Hope to have this pattern in my Craftsy store soon. Along with a few other teapots maybe. Who doesn’t love a good teapot block?!
Tea set 2

The other was another paper pieced block for January for one of the Bees I’m part of in Quilt Club Australia. A little butterfly for Fiona:

Jan Bee block for Fiona
You can find the pattern for this one here.

Then there’s the other QCA Bee – this block is for Jane.

January block for Jane

The pattern is Winged Square and you can find a tutorial for it here.
And last but not least, I’ve recently joined do.Good.Stitches and have taken on the role as host for the mostly-Aussie Care Circle. As host, it seemed rather reasonable I should be first cab off the rank! So I picked the Charming Stars pattern for our January blocks.

Charming stars in blue

Considering that this time last year, I was just writing of a quilty resolution to sign up for a Bee block and feeling rather nervous at the prospect, I think I have managed rather well. I really love making Bee blocks – so fun to play with different patterns and fabrics that you might not otherwise choose for yourself. Plus you only have to make one or two blocks. It’s like a little sampler box of chocolates, try a bit of this, bit of that. But less calories. Winking smile


  1. That orange teapot is phenomenal!

  2. Haha, once you start Bee-ing, you just can't stop, hey?! I feel like I need another "normal" one along with QCA #1...

  3. Well done on polishing off those Bee blocks so quickly. I love the teapot will keep an eye out for that in your shop. If I ever get my Time for Tea quilt finished it would be great for a matching cushion!

  4. Great Bee blocks! Hehe - I found myself signing up for a few more things this year! There are so many beautiful blocks and people out there. I'm impressed that you've already finished your Jan commitments.

  5. Its easy to get carried away with joining things isn't it! Great teapot! Nearly finished the first block of your And Sew On BOM, just need to turn my white fabric into a tape measure!

  6. Pretty blocks indeed. Should I add them to my practice list? lol

  7. Love the tea pot and the winged square (really all of them) ~ you've been busy!

  8. Where do you find the bees? I was hoping to join one this year but can't seem to find any. I love all the blocks and color selections.


    PS I just started following your blog.

  9. Your sewjo is back in full force and how great is that to start a new year ahead of the game!! Hope you stay ahead of all your bees all year long!

  10. Good on you for joining do good stitches. I should have joined that bee.

  11. I love Bees as well, but for some reason I just jumped right in, without knowing what I was getting myself into. Glad I did though, have met a 1,001 great people, found some awesome fabric, and got to taste that sampler blocks of chocolate!


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