Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Done and Begun

 Let’s start with the “Done”! I have finished a quilt for my dad for his birthday (which is today). Will be giving it to him tonight. I don’t know about you, but I always find quilts for guys to be a little more difficult. I wanted a simple pattern, and nice fabrics that weren’t too feminine.

This is what I came up with:

Blue Diamond Quilt

I’m calling it Blue Diamonds. Original hey? I drew the simple design up in EQ7, found the perfect fabrics (Pear Tree in Blue) already cut into squares in my stash, so it was a simple matter of putting it together.

Pear Tree quilt

This is my EQ7 sketch. I love that with EQ7 I can insert samples of the actual fabrics I plan to use. It really helps give an idea of how the quilt’s going to look when finished.

I love square blocks set on point. But I especially love the magic of how they come together. I’m not very good with spatial awareness or of how things fit together. So it always amazes me to see how the strips come together.

Putting the diamonds together

Oh and I also suck at estimating how much fabric is needed for backing. Hence my backing’s often being pieced. Let’s all it me being creative and wanting the back to look as nice as the front
Winking smile
Blue Diamond backing

Now this isn’t technically a quilt, in that it doesn’t have a layer of batting. So there’s not quilting. It’s more of a doona cover type thing to be used mid season when it’s too hot for a heavy blanket and just that bit chilly needing some kind of cover.

Pear Tree fabric in the Blue Diamond quilt
I love Pear Tree – this print is my favourite with that sweet little birdie in the top of the tree. Rather pleased with how this quilt came together!

Btw did you see a snake in any of those photos? Yeah me neither. That's because it was in my kitchen at the time. I think that's when the sneaky bugger got inside as I left the door wide open while I was outside taking photos of this quilt. Eeee. Moving on.

So that’s been one of my bigger projects of late. Now that’s done, it’s time to focus on the next big project. Here’s the “Begun” part of the post. Two quilts for my Nan’s 90th in March. One is going to be a family tree wallhanging, and the other an autograph quilt.

I thought rather than guestbook, it’d be nice to send the squares out to friends and family to sign, then I’ll make it into a quilt for Nan and give it to her at her party. So! I have started!

Lush Squares

My squares are going to be 6” finished. So I cut white squares at 6.5” and print squares at 4.5”. I’m using some of the pink and green colourways of Lush by Patty Young. I really love this fabric line (it’s also what I made XOXO out of).

Stack of Squares

Looking at making about 48 of these. 36 done, so a few more to go. Which I’d better do today so I can get these posted out asap.

Tough part is deciding on the layout.

We can go with this:

We can go with that:

But I think we’ll go with Option 3:

I must be easily entertained. Just like loving the magic of putting on point square blocks together, I also love how one block pattern can make three distinct looking designs!

So there you have it. One project done, one project begun. 2013 is off to a great start!


  1. I've always loved diagonal layouts, I'm not sure why exactly. I think your idea to make an autograph quilt is wonderful.

  2. your dad's quilt is a perfect man qilt! Option 3 is my favorite. i am so glad to hear that i am not the only one who is completely fascinated by the design change you get while shuffling blocks!!

  3. You came up with a great design for your Dad. I'm sure he'll cherish it. The signature quilt is a great, old idea. Your Nan will love seeing all of those signatures. It will be treasured for generations.

  4. I'm easily entertained, too! The pieced back looks great. Love the idea of everyone signing a square, too. Such a personal touch.

  5. I love the pink and green and I thing the third layout is my preference too. Hope you get them back in time!

  6. I love the third layout! Your dad's quilt is great, too!

  7. I also find it interesting to see different ways of using the one block pattern- more of the wonders of quilting!

  8. Your dad's quilt looks great and the signature quilt is such a great idea.

  9. I absolutely love your autograph quilt idea! And I think option 3 is perfect!

  10. Your dad's quilt turned out great! I like option 3 too :)

  11. Oh, your dad will love his light quilt! Simple and pretty.
    And I love the beginnings of your Nan's.... I like #3 ,too.

    What a great start to the year!!


  12. your dads quilt is beautiful, I bet he will love it! As for the other I vote for option 3 :) I am stopping by from the WIP hop, I would love to have you come by and see what I have been up to :)

  13. Bet your dad is thrilled with his quilt Kristy.

    What are you getting people to sign their blocks with? I need to do some writing on a Bee block and don't know what is best to use. My alphabet stamps and ink are still in storage :(

  14. What a fun pattern! Thanks for sharing it!

  15. Happy birthday dad, I bet he'll lovethe quilt, andthe sig blocks look fab.

    (snake? Eh?)

  16. I bet that snake was thinking he could get you to make him a sleeping bag is all! Great fabric choices for these two.


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