Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Stash – Sketch and Scraps!

 It’s all about the letter ‘S’!

New to the stash: some sketch and some spots!

Sketch and Spots
The Sketch fabrics are a lot more vibrant than the Color Weave I bought previously, but now I have a really nice mix of both! Received these lovelies at quilt group today. Jane had an order with Pink Castle and had some room to spare, so being a good friend, I helped her fill the parcel ;) Seriously, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

I was also showered with scraps by my lovely Wombat Stew gals. It was recently my month as Queen Wombat. Part of the deal is not only do you get a paper pieced block for your theme, you also get a few scraps from the other girls. I use the term “few” rather loosely. Look at this stack of scraps!


I also use the term “scraps” rather loosely. They are rather generous scraps too I must say! Very spoilt. And now I have lots to add to the scrap basket – which is my first place to look for fun fabrics when paper piecing!

I think we are adding the scrap idea to another of the Bees (not paper pieced this time) I’m in this year (we Wombats make up a bit more than half of the Bee – coincidence?). I think it’s a fab idea! You get little snippets (and some not so little!) of fabrics that you might not otherwise come across. Plus, who doesn’t love scraps?!

As for the rest of my Wombat bounty, I will share that tomorrow. I have all the blocks now – but need to wait for better light to take a photo that does them justice! Ooh exciting!

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  1. What a great idea, I love other people's scraps don't you? That's a lovely bumper crop of scrappy goodness!

  2. I love the scraps and the sketch. It's s wonderful alternative to solids.

  3. Yummy! I would like to have those in my stash :-)

  4. Love Sketch!! Scrap swaps are fun especially when you get to trade and make friends around the world!

  5. Lots of fabric goodness there! I am sure you will have all sorts of fiendish paper-piecing plans for those lovely scraps soon :)

  6. Oh, I will have to send you some of my scraps! I don't really like to hang onto them. Am I the odd one out!?


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