Monday, 19 November 2012

Sewing, unpicking and a bit of stashing

 Sewing and unpicking. They tend to go hand in hand don’t they! So what’s more appropriate than a sewing block about unpicking?! Especially when it looks this pretty:

Paper Pieced Seam Ripper by Marieka
This little beauty of a block was sewn by Marieka from Bespoke Bites. But it now belongs to me! She whipped it up at Quilt group yesterday and sent it home with me to start my Wombat Stew sewing room block collection! Didn’t she do a fab job – gorgeous seams and all those pretty colours! I got a bit of a bonus with this block as while Marieka was making it for me, she was also pattern testing it for me too! Thanks, lovely! It turned out fabulously! (You can read Marieka's post about her block here).

While on the purple theme, I started a new project today. Not sure that my sewjo has returned but I’m forcing it to work a little bit as I have so much to do before Christmas! So I went with something easy – a bit of applique and relatively quick (at least in comparison to paper piecing!).
Applique flowers
This little collection is the start of a new quilt project – the pattern is Soulful Blossoms from the Living Large 2 book (see some gorgeous pics here!). If the book title sounds a bit familiar, I’ve rabbited on about it a time or two – it’s where the Spanish Tiles pattern is from. Oh and for the curious, no I have not finished the Spanish Tiles. While I hate having WiPs hanging over me, I had hoped a new project might inspire my sewjo again!

And of course, sometimes a bit of an addition to the stash can bring the inspiration back! Well any excuse for new fabric right?

Spotlight specials
These fat quarters are from Spotlight. The raindrops would make the perfect background for a paper pieced umbrella block; can’t resist a text print; and the owls are for Lulu – a bit owl obsessed at 2 and a half.

As for these two fat quarters – who could resist these tape measures?!

Tape measure fabrics
I bought these on ebay from a seller called FabricTime. Very well priced and lots of seriously cute fabrics!

I’m a bit late for a Sunday Stash but linking up all the same! This week Sunday Stash is at Alyce’s place!
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  1. That block is fabulous. When I first saw it, I seriously thought it was a photo of a seam ripper on top of a block. Well done you for the design and Marieka for the execution. And... YUM... Kate Spain. :)

    Glad you have some tinsy-bit of your sewjo back too. Fingers crossed it grows stronger and stronger over the coming days. x

  2. It really does look like a real ripper..such great design..

  3. OMG. I read your post and didn't understand why you unpicked a given block. I guess I need some coffee. After reading comments I got it, lol. Awesome block! Cute fabrics as usual.

  4. I love the seam ripper block! And the tape measure fabric? Oh, so lovely! :)

  5. Never too late to link. I think I am in love with your tape measure fabric too.

  6. I love the tape measure fabric!

  7. Love the sewing themed block and can't wait to see more of your new project. I also love the raindrop fabric and I need to have that ruler print as well! Happy Monday to you!

  8. ack, love those tape measure prints! they are so perfect! :) hope your sewjo returns in full force soon :)


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