Friday, 23 November 2012

Being selfish and that’s okay.

We quilters love making quilts to give away. Not too often do we seem to keep them for ourselves. And I think sometimes, it’s okay to be selfish.

Especially when selfish looks like this:

Seaside Tiles on the fence
Hello pretty.

Pretty fabric:
Seaside Cottage fabric
This one is my favourite from the Seaside Cottage line by Heather Mulder Peterson.

Pretty pattern:
Quiet Play Spanish Tiles in Seaside Cottage 3
Spanish Tiles, also by Heather Mulder Peterson. The pattern is in the Living Large 2 book and this is the lap size version (around 60” x 70”).

Pretty quilting:
Spanish Tiles FMQ
My rather poor attempt at FMQ swirly swirls type stuff. Okay not so pretty but the idea was.

Pretty pieced back:
Pieced back for Spanish Tiles
Red Swirl from Vintage Modern with the remainder of the Seaside Cottage prints.

Yep. It's all about the pretty. Selfish pretty.

Quiet Play Spanish Tiles in Seaside Cottage (2)

And it’s mine. All mine. Mine mine mine. (I’m really getting the hang of this selfish thing).

Seaside Tiles in its new home

Even Teddy looks envious that this is all mine. Watch it Teddy or you’re going to the op shop. Paws off.



  1. Not selfish at all! I haven't kept one yet, but it's on my early 2013 list, and I'm not going to feel bad about it at all! This one's beautiful, and I'm so glad you're keeping it to enjoy it!

  2. Oh that is just the most lovely quilt and I am glad you are keeping it for yourself.

  3. Oh don't send teddy to the op shop! He is looking to have a snuggle under your very pretty quilt!

  4. So glad to hear you're keeping it!!! Its really really beautiful, you deserve it.

  5. Teddy does have a bit of a dodgy look on his face! Your quilt looks fantastic so glad you are keeping it.

  6. The only words missing in your post are: my PRECIOUS! ha ha I enjoyed seeing it once more an reading your blog is always fun.

  7. It is really lovely I think you should be selfish more often, although poor Ted might not agree!

  8. If I'd made something that lovely, I'd totally be keeping it and wouldn't feel selfish. At all. You deserve it!

  9. Ooooh such a beautiful quilt with gorgeous fabrics. Good on you for keeping it to yourself.

  10. Awesome pattern. I love that it's YOURS! I'm with you; it's rare that I put something for myself on top of the priority list.

  11. I would keep it, too! Enjoy your new pretty quilt guilt free!

  12. I would have kept this one as well. Nice job!

  13. Your quilt is so pretty! Great job on the quilting!! Happy weekend to you!

  14. Wouldn't the world be a much prettier place if selfish always looked like this? Enjoy every thread of it!

  15. What a dynamic outcome. Very pretty...I'd keep it too!

  16. What a pretty quilt. Can't blame you for keeping it.

  17. Love that pattern and it was so well executed - congrats on the finish.

  18. Yummy! Yummy! Yummy, Kristy! Yay for being selfish every so often!

  19. Love the fabric! Love the pattern, Spanish Tiles. You did great at the FMQing.. My only suggestion is to fill the block. Once it gets busy enough, even you'll have difficulty finding the flaws.

  20. I have this book and would like to try that pattern. How difficult was piecing the X's?

    1. From memory, it wasn't that bad at all! I wasn't a super expert quilter at the time but the pattern made it all come together quite easily.


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