Friday, 16 November 2012

Gobble Gobble!

Generally we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, but in my little family, we try to  at least do something to mark the occasion. Part of my kidlets’ heritage is American and I lived there myself for a few years and have nice memories of Thanksgiving – so we make an attempt to at least have a nice dinner on Thanksgiving. This year I might go wild and attempt cornbread if I can find a nice gluten free recipe!

Even if I don’t manage that cornbread (mmmm cornbread), I did at least come up with a turkey paper pieced pattern in honour of the occasion! The EQ7 sketch looked a little like this:

Turkey big feet

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to make it myself. But fortunately for this blog post, I have two fabulous testers who did make it! Would be a very boring post with only one photo otherwise – so thanks Gina (Party of Eight: Our Story) and Elaine (Dashasel Sews)!

Here’s Elaine’s turkey – loving the text print!! Loving this happy little turkey.

Turkey by Elaine

And this one is Gina’s. I might pause to add, this is Gina’s first ever paper piecing project! She did such a great job too!

Turkey by Gina

Keen to make your own turkey for Thanksgiving? I know – it’s cutting it fine, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that leaves sewing to the last minute! Winking smile I just popped this little guy into my Craftsy shop for immediate download and my brand new Etsy shop (not so immediate download!).

I’ve also added a couple of other new patterns to the shop including these two:

Rice bowl 2Pine Tree Park

I may not have been doing much sewing of late, but I’ve been doing quite a bit of pattern designing – there’ll be a few sewing themed patterns coming up soon. Here’s a sneak peek:

Scissors and Thread (2)Seam Ripper

While I’m loving playing around with patterns, and have oodles of ideas to keep me busy… I am very much missing my sewjo. So if you see it wandering about, looking gloomy and sad, please send it home where I can put it to good use. There are piles of fabrics that may be gathering dust in the meantime, and that is a fate that no fabric should be subjected too.


  1. I think saw your Sewjo heading up the Pacfic Hwy with intentions to hit a day spa. As always your post made me laugh...and that turkey is desperately cute.

    1. LOL!! That cracked me up Fiona - too funny. Let's hope if that's the case that it returns completely reinvigorated! hehe!

  2. Some great new patterns Kristy!
    I suspect that my sewjo has slunk off to play with yours. If they're in NZ I'll promise to send your back- ok?!?

  3. I'm sure the sewjo will return but in the meantime keep making those gorgeous patterns!! Love the sewing ones :)

  4. I don't think you have lost your sewjo at all as pattern making would have to fit into a pre- sewing category and you have been coming up with some great patterns! I already snatched up the tree pattern and am thinking I would like to make a forest table runner for Christmas or turn it into a stocking as making homemade Christmas stockings have been on my list for 2 or 3 yrs now. I have to have your sewing inspired blocks too as the dear seam ripper is one of my best friends. Have a good weekend

  5. The turkey is so cute and I love those sewing patterns.

  6. I think your sewjo and my sewjo are on holidays together somewhere!!
    Looking forward to making the seam ripper pattern for you :)

  7. Oh my, your patterns looks so cute!

  8. Your turkey is so cute, and I love your sewing patterns!!
    Your sewing mojo is just taking a rest, while your designing mojo is getting a turn to blossom!!


  9. Great pattern Kristy, and what a great job Gina did on her first paper-piecing. A wonderful advert for your patterns too!

  10. ??? Cornbread is simply cornmeal, milk (or cream), and eggs. All of those are allowed in gluten free diets. Mmmmm cornbread!
    I love the Turkey! Way cute.

  11. That is seriously the cutest turkey- love it!


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