Friday, 21 September 2012

Too early?

I know – it’s still September and too early for Christmas, though I’m sure it’s not long before we start seeing Christmas decorations popping up in the shops. But! My lovely friend Jane is hosting TGIFF this week so I wanted to make sure I had a finish to link up on her blog. But what?! I didn’t have anything to finish quickly.

So instead, I started something, purely to have a finish. That’s logical isn’t it?! I had this little Christmas mini quilt kit that I received from Sew Lux Fabric (bonus for spending x amount of $$ – love freebies like that!). It’s such a sweet kit and I have to say, my first quilt kit! Just a few hours and I have a very cute Christmas themed mini!

QuietPlay Joy mini

My appliqueing could definitely use a little more work, and I probably should have followed the directions to make sure everything was perfectly placed before I started stitching. But we’re going to pretend I meant for the bauble to be slightly crooked – it does look more joyful that way after all!

Quiet Play Joy mini close up

I did consider doing some fabulous FMQ around the mini but I only had 40 minutes til I had to do the preschool run, so straight line it was. We’ll pretend it has nothing to do with my FMQ chicken-ness and entirely to do with my lack of time.

Quiet Play Joy mini binding and quilting

The binding went on beautifully – all machine stitched. It does mean an extra line on the back but I’m good with that. The top looks tidy and pretty and that’s what counts!

The only thing I did differently to the kit was to add some little hanging corner thingies so this can be hung up as a decoration. The fabric cuts were generous enough that I had enough of the binding fabric to make the corners. Love!

Quiet Play Joy mini back

I quite enjoyed making this little mini! Sometimes it’s rather fun and refreshing to make a quick little project – oh and look, it shows that occasionally I do something other than paper piecing! I know, amazing, right?!  Though don’t worry… more paper piecing projects are planned
Winking smile
Speaking of planning… I recently got a bundle of Seaside Cottage by Heather Mulder Peterson from Sprightly Fabrics.
P1000250 (640x480)

I am seriously in love with this line of fabric. I really want to make a quilt out of it – but I couldn’t decide on a pattern that would show it off beautifully.  Until I discovered this pattern -  Spanish Tiles by Heather Peterson from her book Living Large 2. (I didn’t get a chance to ask to post the quilt photo on my blog so you’ll have to click through the link instead to see, but trust me, you want to see this!!) I rushed out (okay I was in my pj’s and I ordered online from Etsy, but you get what I mean!) and ordered it and it’s currently in the post on its way to me. Yay! I think this will look so gorgeous with my Seaside Cottage fabrics! I can’t wait to get started on that one!

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  1. I love your mini! Not too early for Christmas! I wish I was already started on Christmas sewing! I'm grateful I made an advent calendar last year as the pressure for Christmas crafting isn't so great, hoping to make homemade gifts though. We'll see, so much to do eek! Your fabric and that quilt are gorgeous, I look forward to seeing it finished :)

  2. I love your mini too! Less than 100 days till Christmas, so not that early at all!

  3. Target have Christmas decorations already! Ugh! Your mini is cute though!

  4. It is never too early for Christmas, says the woman who buys Christmas wrapping paper in the January Sales! I have been known though to buy presents early and put them away safely only to forget all about them. Our youngest son has never forgiven me for the Millenium Action Man I discovered in March:)

  5. I like the way the bauble leans a little, gives it a fun look! Totally didn't need any more quilting, its great the way it is! You're ahead of the game now for Christmas!

  6. Such a cute little mini and I think you put it together perfectly! I will look forward to seeing your fabric stack turn into a quilt! You chose a beautiful pattern! Have a fun weekend!

  7. That is a cute mini and I did think that the bauble was done intentionally until you pointed out otherwise. :) Now don't you feel ahead of the game for Christmas? Love that!

  8. That is an amazing pattern in the link...and there is a whole lot of free motion quilting in that finish so you d best get practicing. The ladies from Sew Lux make great little kits and this one is very cute...I like its little lean btw.

  9. It is never too early! I busted out the Christmas prints and have started to whip up a few things =D

  10. I love the mini. It's going to look cute hanging in your house. The Spanish Tiles quilt is amazing! I can't wait to see it in your fabrics!

  11. I like it slightly tipped - it's "jaunty"!!

  12. I like your sense of humour! Your posts always makes me smile and I always like the tips and links you provide. You go girl!

  13. This is so cute! Actually, I really like that the bauble is a little wonky, adds to the charm.
    Thanks for linking to TGIFF :)

  14. A quick project is a good project and this is just lovely . Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving some craft Under the Christmas Tree xx

  15. It's never too early to start getting ready for Christmas! Your mini looks gorgeous, I think that ornament looks fine crooked :) I've never worked with kits before, what was your experience?

  16. Just love that mini,Joy is my sisters middle name,might have to borrow this idea. With your permission of course!


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