Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Finally! A Diamond Star Quilt Top

I feel like my Diamond Stars have been a WiP for ages, but really, it hasn’t been that long. I just kept getting distracted with other fun projects! But I got busy today, decided that 7 blocks were enough, and put it all together in a little quilt top.


That sounds all nice and easy doesn’t it? Like I just sat down at the sewing machine, threw a few bits of fabric at it and voila, a quilt top! Yeah I wish. I think I broke my brain trying to work out this quilt top.

I sat for ages trying to figure out how to do the side set triangles, and then, wait, I don’t actually have typical corner triangles? So what do I do now?! I went back to my original design on EQ7:


Huh. I originally planned 8 blocks. That would have worked well if I had remembered I had Marieka’s block to add in. But did I think of that? Nope. Fortunately a little bit of rejigging on EQ7 gave me the layout I had in mind – and I was able to match my layout to the one on the screen. Notice I didn’t add those originally planned cornerstones? Yeah that was too much thinking for my already over taxed brain.


I did however find a fabulous resource for working out sizes for corner and side set triangles. There’s even a little chart at the bottom! Awesome! Of course, the chart does work a LOT better if you can follow directions well (let’s just say I have 16 triangles of the wrong size to add to the scrap bin – wait no, planned for another project, yeah that sounds organised!).

So that’s it. Finally some progress on the diamond stars. Now to make a back (which will have to feature Marieka’s fab block!) and get it done – perhaps for next week when I’m hosting TGIFF! Oh and if you’re keen – the Diamond Star is a free paper pieced pattern that you can find here.
Aviary star

Also wanted to say a big thank you to all those lovely bloggy types who responded to my call for pattern testers! I have a fab list now for future reference. Thanks also to those who have already tested blocks for me! I have now added the Sushi block to the Craftsy shop, and will have a few more patterns added soon.

Sushi platter

Pop over and see Heidi  and Kelly’s versions of the sushi platters too! They both did a great job on this pattern!

Right now to go do something fun and relaxing while my brain settles down after all that strenuous quilt layout and triangle stuff it had to do!
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  1. Kristy you don't know the meaning of ages when it comes to WIP's. If it has been less than a year as a WIP it hardly counts!

    Looks good and definitely worth all that mathematical puzzling! If only someone had explained how important maths would turn out to be we might have paid more attention in school :)

    Love the green sashing.

  2. Wow, your quilt top looks amazing. And like it took Olympic-level quilty maths to complete.Go you!!

  3. You know, the more I hear, the more I think that we work in the same way! Is it wrong to say that I giggled at the 16 wrongly cut triangles (only because I would do exactly the same thing!)
    That said, it looks like it was totally worth the brain pain! What a gorgeous top!

  4. Good idea to make those blocks into a little quilt top, it turned out well.

  5. Wow beautiful work. Wonderful colors.

  6. I like 7. I like green sashing. I like sushi block. What's not to like on your post today?

  7. Love it! Love the jewel colours and the layout. You just know those other spare corner triangles will come in handy eventually!

  8. Beautiful! Your experience sounds like so many of mine. LOL. :)

  9. Kristy -- this is very beautiful! It's funny - I recently downloaded the star pattern you suggest and now that I see a quilt throw done this way I want to make one.

    Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see it quilted !

  10. It looks great without the setting blocks in the sashing - cleaner lines. Very pretty top!

  11. Oooh nice! Loving the colours.

  12. beautiful work and I love that sushi block! How cute and fun! I am stopping by from the WIP hop. I would love to have you stop by and see my WIP as well :)

  13. This is such a great block, Kristy! I absolutely loved making it!!

  14. A yes the thrown together with no thought quilt top LOL! It's rather funny when other bloggers don't show the progress, just the start then finish!
    The colours look great and how awesome it turned out like the original diagram! Hope to see the back made up soon =D

  15. Lol, that's when I just use big squares/rectangles and trim down! Much less brain pain required ;)

  16. LOL... At least the end result is worth the effort. Looks great :)

  17. Great looking quilt top the stars are so pretty! Good job on figuring out the sizes even if it took 16 extra triangles :))) Looking forward to seeing it quilted!

  18. This is super cute! Hope you share with us tomorrow at


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