Monday, 17 September 2012

Busy Bee

I decided to get stuck in to my waiting Bee blocks. One for September and the other is for October so I’m ahead of the game!

First is for Jodie – an American themed Stripey lonestar.

September block

You can find the instructions and tutorial for it here. If you dare. I’m not going to lie – not my favourite block in the world to make. Pretty safe to say I won’t be making another! But it does look effective when done. I think it’s a good choice for a Bee block because who could be arsed making 12 of these for themselves?!

I did make the white squares a little bigger than the instructions (5” and 4” rather than 4.5 and 3 3/8”. Then I trimmed them down to size before I joined each section together. That made it much easier to put the block together, and make sure it was the right size when finished.

The second block was a paper pieced one for Denise. Fun! It’s a Mariner’s Compass (pattern here) which finishes as a round block. I haven’t made a round block before I don’t think!

October Bee Block

The centre is a bit skewiff (no idea how to spell it, but you get what I mean). as you join each section to each other, rather than joining in quarters and halves like most paper pieced blocks. It does create a bit of bulk in the centre but I don’t think that can be avoided with so many pieces and seams!

October Bee block close uo

Denise asked for four prints in one colour – I went with red. Used some of my newly aquired fabrics – loving them! Teeny deer from Oh Deer, fab flowers from Apple of my Eye, a bit of swirl from Ruby and some dots from Essential Dots.

Other than that, I have been working on a top secret project for a blog hop coming up next month. Can’t wait to share that - I am having a lot of fun with it! But for the rest of today, I think sewing will go on hold. I caved and bought Lego Batman 2 for Mr 5 (mainly because I am sick of playing the demo over and over – I need new storylines and scenes, people!). I have a feeling the neighbours will be hearing a lot of “Get back on my screen! Bring Robin over here, I’m dying! J! Help help, the Joker’s after me!”. Ah fun. I may regret this purchase but surely it will create good mummy-son memories for him, right?!


  1. I have had my eye on that string star, but I've read a couple of blogs that seem to be saying it's a bit of a nightmare. Does it take ages or is it just tricky to piece? Love your mariners compass. Have fun with the Lego Batman!

  2. Gorgeous blocks! Too bad the string one was a pain in the butt to make because I'd try it :) Now I just have prejudice with it :))) You're hilarious movie wise :)) My friends' son is obsessed with Star Wars even though I'm not quiet sure if they let him watch the movies :)

  3. Both your blocks look great! I'm guessing the first block wasn't a paper pieced block and maybe that's why you didn't like it so much! Can't go wrong buying the next game in the series for boys. Definitely gets you into the great Mum category with them!

  4. great blocks!! how large is the second one? I tried the link and it didn't to have the pattern if its 10"-12", thanks!!!

  5. Great blocks! I have a feeling that the first one would give me a breakdown if I attempted it ;-)

  6. I will post about my shortcut for block #1 later today...but love #2. my T got the pc game of Lego Star Wars for his birthday last month, and he and D love it.

  7. The lonestar does look a bit time consuming - and luckily there's no law that forces us to love all blocks :) I really like your second block though. Bookmarking it for future bee references. My bee month is Not until April but it will be great too have a few blocks to consider at that time.

  8. Such fun looking blocks! Gosh you see so many you never know what to make first =D

  9. I planned to make a lonestar (just the one) thanks for pointing out the tutorial!

  10. Twelve of those lonestar blocks would certainly be a labour of love, yours looks great though, definitely worth the effort!

    Lego Batman sounds like the ideal childminder :)


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