Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Stash Slacker

I have been very slack on sharing my recent stash acquisitions. Mainly because it was a bit crazy how much fabric I had arrive all in a very short amount of time. A little embarrassing perhaps. However my fabric bender is pretty much done (I say pretty much as there is still a parcel or two on its way!). Now I really have to get busy and use up some of this fabric!

Here’s my Fabric Shack order:

Fabric Shack order

I love Fabric Shack. Half price international shipping! So we Aussie girls really make the most of it (there are another 5 FQs that belong to Kelly that were packed into this parcel!).
All the solid fabrics up the top are destined for the big 90th birthday quilt for my Nan – though I have pinched a few for a current project. And some novelty prints for upcoming bees and some that are just because I couldn’t resist! Mostly 1/4 yard cuts but turns out 1/8th cuts are pretty fun to get a little sample of fabric too. Plus – you can fit more variety into a package with smaller cuts!! Winking smile

I have been good on my charm pack indulgences of late and only added one new to the collection!
Charm pack
No plans yet but it’s so pretty!

I also received some of my prize fabric from the Texting While Sewing competition! Some fab alphabet prints from the Summersville Line from Marmalade Fabrics. They were so prettily wrapped too!
P1000247 (640x480)

And then my Seaside Cottage bundle (which I posted about the other day but it deserves another look!!) which I got from Sprightly Fabrics. There was a bit of a muddle up with my order so Monique kindly added a little bonus for me too (thinking new ironing board cover with the chevron?!).

P1000250 (640x480)P1000251 (640x480)

So whew! No wonder my fabric cupboard doors won’t shut. Mr 5 attempted to close it and I explained it wasn’t possible as I had way too much fabric. His reply “But Mummy, you make such beautiful things with your fabric!”. Yeah his future wife is going to thank me (plus he changes the toilet roll with no prompting! I’m raising him to be one of the “good ones” hehehehe!). Right well that’s enough fabric sharing, now for more sewing.

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  1. Your boy is a clever one, there is no such thing as too much fabric!

  2. Are you laying in for a siege? Do you know something that we don't know?? Totally agree with you on the charm pack, it is pretty!

  3. See, it's ok to have lots of fabric as long as you make pretty things with it!!

  4. words of wisdom from Mr J indeed. Open up that charm pack girl! It has 2 of us intrigued.

  5. Soon there will be a Hoarders episode all about fabric hoarding. I already sent in my application, shall I post yours too? ;-) Do you have a tutorial for the ironing board cover idea? Mine sooo needs it!

  6. Pretty pretty fabrics! At least Mr. 5 agrees with your fabric obsession :)))))

  7. Some great fabrics there! Solids are a definite must in ones stash! Hahaha I wish my stash was like that, with the non shutting cupboards! =D

  8. Lovely fabrics, Kristy. Is it harder to get fabrics in Australia? When I read the amazing quilt and sewing magazines that come out of Australia, I get the idea that there is a wonderful quilt shop on every corner. No?

  9. Nice fabric haul! Those novelty fabrics will make for some cute blocks! Do we get any sneak peeks of your Nan's quilt or does that have to stay undercover until it is gifted?

  10. How many charm packs do you have?! I'm thinking mini charms packs will become my weakness... So cheap!

  11. You are obviously doing a great job with Mr 5! What a lovely pile of goodies.

  12. Great fabric haul. (and I love that sushi fabric--I scored a big remnant piece of it for my stash and it's awesome)


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