Monday, 9 July 2012

A paper piecing post and party

Noticed a paper piecing theme to my blog at all? Yes I think I’m a bit addicted. And now that I have EQ7, there’s nothing to stop me (again, thank you, most awesome parents in the world). I’m having ridiculous amounts of fun drawing up my own designs. And I am fortunate to have some lovely friends willing to test the designs so that I can share or sell them sometime!

So here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to:
Chirpie bird
I am loving this little bird. It came out just as I had hoped! I think I might have to do another one. Maybe in opposite colours to make into a little table runner or wall thingie (technical term).
Summersville house
A very simple little house inspired by the Summersville line. I drew up a beginner level pattern to teach Fiona (from Finding Fifth) at our paper piecing party. But somehow, I didn’t save it! I just printed it and didn’t realise til later. So Fiona learnt to paper piece on a slightly different house – still cute though! (pictures below)

So the party! There’s always a first for everything! In honour of Fiona visiting our neck of the woods, Jane invited us to her house for a paper piecing party – and to teach Fiona how to paper piece!

First, I have to pause and say… Jane doesn’t have a craft room. She has a craft studio. And it is amazing. I don’t think amazing is a good enough word for it. Honestly, if I had a room like that in my house, I doubt I would leave. She has set it up so beautifully, absolute eye candy for a crafty gal. I’d share pictures, but I don’t want to make you green with envy (and I didn’t check with the girls if they approve the photos they are in! ). Here’s her motivation/inspiration wall – love this!

Inspiration wall

So amidst a bit of munching and a lot of chatter, we all accomplished a nice little bit of paper piecing! Here’s a roundup photo taken at the end of the afternoon.
Paper piecing efforts (640x542)
Marieka is making those ridiculously cute tea cups (free pattern at Piece by Number) and turning them into coasters. Isn’t that a fab idea?

Jane is working on a series of New York Beauty blocks. She is doing them in the most gorgeous bright colours, with a black background. It’s going to be a stunning quilt!

The plane is my latest attempt at a pattern. I did not choose good fabrics. I used a polka dot for the body of the plane which made the windows disappear. Oh and I put the cockpit window in the wrong place. Whoops! I was probably talking at the time hehe. So that needs fixing.

And Fiona’s sweet little house! Her first ever attempt at paper piecing – didn’t she do a great job!
Here are our little houses lined up together – starting their own little paper pieced neighbourhood.

Little houses

And to finish off the show and tell, I have to share this amazing gift I received. I joined (and helped organise) my first ever handmade swap earlier this year. It was a secret swap which added to the fun. We have just finished having a week or so of show and tell in our handmade swap FB group. I’ve already shown you what I made, now I can show you what I received.

Gorgeous quilt

That’s right. I received a quilt. Can you believe it? It is sooooo stunning. So modern and fresh and the quilting… simply amazing! My partner was Kate from Kwilts by Kate (not sure why I can’t link her blog). She quilted this one with a spiral. A spiral!! It’s incredible.

A huge thank you Kate! I feel very spoilt! It’s just a gorgeous piece of work! Thank you thank you thank you!

So all in all, it’s been a fabulous weekend with lots of quilty goodness. Every weekend should be like that.


  1. I have the EQ beginner program and thought it was good enough for me. After looking at your amazing paper piecing blocks, I think I'll be looking into EQ7!

  2. A spiral! I love that idea. You'd have to watch you didn't get dizzy though! You all did a great job on your blocks too.

  3. Aww, thanks for your sweet words about my craft room - thanks for coming over to christen it :).
    You're welcome to put pics up, since I don't blog...

  4. What a fun weekend! I see you are converting the quilters of the world to paper piecing one by one! That quilt you received is gorgeous!

  5. Lots of fun things to see- love all the paper piecing patterns! And what a wonderful quilt you received! I'm glad you didn't show us Jane's 'studio'! I would have been jealous!

  6. Love everything you have been doing Kristy - especially the little bird and house. so cute!

  7. Think you are going to have to change the name of your blog to the Paper Piecing Queen!

    Congrats to Fiona on her first foray into paper-piecing too.

  8. Those patterns are awesome! I just love the bird.

  9. That little bird is so cute. I also like the aeroplane! Good job!

  10. Wow you should be renounced the Queen of paper piecing! The mini is gorgeous! =D

  11. Your little birdie is adorable! I like the house as well.

  12. I love your birdie block.
    Sounds like you guys had loads of fun at your party.

  13. Wow, and I thought I had a great weekend :) Love love love the little bird!! So adorable.

  14. Those paper pieced blocks look brilliant!

  15. I love that bird! What a fun program!

  16. Great blocks! I love EQ7 but I can't make anything as cute as that bird...

  17. I would love to get a pattern for the bird! Please let me know if you have a pattern for sale and where I can get it! Pretty please??? =)


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