Friday, 6 July 2012

Friday Finishes – the bag edition

I didn’t think I liked making bags. Too fiddly. But it suddenly seems like I’ve made a few. A few being five… wait, seven, oh and those other ones… ummm… nine… oh dear that is more than a few isn’t it. So apparently I like making bags. Who knew? It’s like my inner quilter/sewist has all these likes I didn’t know about. Including pink. Yeah I did not see that one coming.

So here are my two latest bags. I used paper piecing patterns for the features, so that kind of almost makes it count as quilting, doesn’t it?

Bag 1

This one I made quite some time ago! But I wasn’t able to show you as it was a surprise for the lovely McKenna of Textile Diva. I scored her in our QCA Handmade Swap. At first that terrified me, because she is a very accomplished quilter and makes amazing things! And we have very different tastes. But as it turns out, if I should ever want a career as a stalker, I’m not so bad. Well at least McKenna’s too kind to tell me if this isn’t really her style. You can read her very lovely blog post about the swap here.
The paper piece pattern is a Pioneer’s Compass. Look at all those points! That’s what I love about paper piecing. I can actually get sharp points. Whereas traditional piecing… not so much.

Bag 2

Inside I added this lovely text print that I picked up at Spotlight. I love this print! I think I need more of it. I had a lot of fun making this bag. This has been my first swap I’ve participated in (and helped run – talk about jumping straight in) and it’s been such fun! I have yet to receive my parcel – looking forward to that – but it has been fab seeing what creative goodies people made for their swap partners!

As for my other bag, it might look a bit familiar. As I’ve made a couple of these before. All in different colours though!  Another chameleon bag! I love these – in case you can’t tell!

Chameleon tote 1

This one came about because I was disorganised hehe. I didn’t have a project lined up to take to quilt group last weekend so figured I’d do some paper piecing. And as you may have noticed, I seem to like making my blocks into bags. So what else was I to do with a cute little chameleon? The fabrics were a rather random choice (as in hmmm green, and some more green, that works, now time to run out the door or I’ll be late!) but I’m thrilled with how they turned out!

Chameleon tote 2

This gorgeous chameleon pattern is by Shape Moth and you can find it for sale here. It’s one of those patterns where the designer gives permission to sell items made from it (which is very kind!) so already having a few bags, I popped this little chappy into my somewhat neglected Madeit store.

You know I really hoped to have my Peacocks in the Garden quilt finished this week, but best laid plans and all that. Will endeavour to have it finished for next Friday!

In the meantime… I am going to a paper piecing party on Sunday. That’s right. Such a thing does exist! Hanging out with the gorgeous Jane, Marieka and Fiona on Sunday, checking out Jane’s amazing new craft room and paper piecing our quilty hearts out. Does that not sound like the definition of fun? Yeah I thought so too!

Linking up with TGIFF which is over at Quokka Quilts this week.

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  1. Cool bag, that star looks great!

  2. Beautiful bag, love the inside of it and your little chameleon bag is too cute!

  3. I think it's my favourite chameleon so far! The green looks so cute :)

  4. Love that cute little chameleon! Your fabric choice was perfect!

  5. You can never have too many chameleons, I always say. He's such a cutie. x

  6. A paper-piecing party! You could be starting a new trend.

    You are a girly-girl aren't you, really what with your latent addiction to pink and now bags! Next you will be telling us you drink Lambrini's and wear fluffy mule slippers!

  7. Cute bags. Love the chameleon.

  8. I love both bags, you could make 100 chameleons and they'd still be fresh and fun :) The QCA swap has been so much fun!

  9. Fabulous bags, Kristy. Seriously loving that black one -- lucky McKenna!

  10. The bags are great! Loving that chameleon! =D

  11. that lizard is cute! reminds me of Katy for some reason!

  12. I never thought of paper piecing as a way to get sharp points.... I've perfected my points as a way of avoiding learning paper piecing, LOL!

    I LOVE that text print!

    I like bags because they are so much quicker than quicks. A nice easy pat on the back when the quilt project is dragging on!

    Nice job!

  13. oh my goodness :D Love the chameleon bag - tooo cute.


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