Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rainy Days - a paper piecing WiP

“What? More paper piecing!?” I hear you cry? That’s right. More paper piecing. I’m addicted, happy to admit that. And after a fun paper piecing party on the weekend,well I just want to paper piece even more!

My latest WiP is a mini featuring 4” umbrellas. That’s right 4”. Not only am I addicted, I may be slightly crazy. But! Look how cute these are! Worth the crazy, right?


I still have another 6 umbrellas to go. We’ll see if I think it’s worth the crazy then. Those seams on the brollies are a bit of a nightmare to line up at this tiny size!

Pink Brolly

I tried to find out what the collective noun for umbrellas is. One suggestion was a Phalanx of Umbrellas. Ummm what the? That does not suit the cute.

Green Brolly

I like the suggestion of a “bevy of brollies”. Now that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Yellow Brolly

Regardless of the official term, my planned mini will go by Rainy Days I think. Appropriate for our weather of late - though today is making a mockery of that – it’s beautiful and sunny and even a bit warm!!

Meanwhile I turned my little helicopter blocks into something. Orphan blocks no longer! One became a cushion for my sister (brag brag – helicopter pilot sister – end brag)
Helicopter cushion cover

And the other became a bag to go with the Collaboration quilt Fiona and I made.

C4AC bag and quilt

On the theme of turning odd blocks into something useful… we (collective we – as I have roped a few other quilty girls into this plan!) are thinking about a blog hop to share some fun ideas on how to incorporate paper pieced blocks into… things. What do you think? Sound fun? Want to join in? Can’t wait? Well more details will be on their way soon! Right now it has not gone much past the idea stage. Will work on that. Ooh another WiP – of the thinking kind!

So that’s how my Wednesday looks. How about yours?

Linking up with WiP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.


  1. How about a cloud of umbrellas, or even a shower of umbrellas?

    The Blog Hop sounds like a great idea, I have several paper-pieced blocks hanging around waiting to be turned into something, so count me in!

  2. OMG This is just tooooo cute to be true!!! I so wanna try paper piecing!

  3. Ooh ooh, a twirl of umbrellas!

    Methinks they should become a case for a picnic blanket, to ward off the inevitable. Or it's an excuse to make an umbrella tube-stand for a hallway...


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  5. I love those umbrellas! Works of art.

  6. Love your umbrellas! How about 'a cover of umbrellas' as a collective noun? You are getting too clever for this paper piecing caper! (I took a cool photo of some umbrellas in the city today! I'm putting it in my next blogpost!)

  7. Blooming brilliant brollies!!!
    Love them!!! Sooooo cute!
    Your blog hop sounds fun, look forward to more details.

  8. Ok I am in love with these blocks Kristy - make sure you do a bigger pattern version for us pp beginners. Love the collective noun suggestions too! And count me in for the pp blog hop too - hopefully I will have some more skills by then.

  9. I just saw the discussion thread on FB. I'd love to be a part of the paper piecing blog hop!

  10. Hello, I'm dropping by from the WIP Wednesday link party.

    Those paper pieced umbrellas so cute! And the helicopter one is adorable. Paper piecing is on my to-do list to learn.

  11. Very cute umbrellas, I think I like the yellow one best!

  12. A gaggle of brollies?

    Adorable. Hey paper piecing addiction is so much better than many other kinds of addiction. And since you are making these so tiny you certainly are going to need tons of new fabrics :0). Do you have a end plan for these little brollies?

    Very cool having a copter piloting sister!

    Happy Sewing

  13. Those umbrellas are so cute! Love the yellow one in particular :)

  14. I love the umbrellas and the helicopter!

  15. Loving the umbrellas they are super cute! I need to try my hand at some proper paper piecing.
    Great use of the helicopter blocks! =D

  16. The cutest brollies ever!!!!!!111

  17. Never tried paper piecing (yet)...but those umbrellas are CUTE!!!

  18. I'm still really hesitant to try paper piecing that isn't EPP but I really like your umbrellas there just so cute!

  19. I think your bevy of umbrellas is amazing. As you say, very fiddly but wow what a lovely end product. So topical, as well.

  20. The umbrella blocks are too cute! I think your blog hop is a great idea! I have several paper-pieced blocks that need a new home, They are doing me no good in a pile on the shelf. I can't wait to see you all come up with!

  21. these umbrellas are too cute!

  22. I love your little umbrellas - they look wonderful!


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