Sunday, 11 March 2012

That is the question...

I decided on a whim to enter the Dress Up Your Roll competition being hosted by QuiltJane. I was feeling a bit sorry for my bathroom having no quilty goodness - so why not cover up that bare toilet roll! Oh and there are some fab prizes on offer - always a bonus!

I may have mentioned my son's obsession with fire fighting in the past. Well that's what gave me the idea. We spend ages looking and learning about fire trucks, fire men, fire dogs (he's desperate for a dalmatian of our own!) and so on. So at first I was going to have a fire truck but that made no sense relating to the loo. So what could kind-of relate? Why a dog considering peeing on a fire hydrant of course!

I came up with a sketch first and then did my best to translate it into fabric.

It was a bit fiddly but I'm happy with it. I used fusible webbing to stick everything down then did some FMQ outlining in black thread to give it a bit of a cartoony look.

Inspired by a bit of Shakespeare the other day (I was watching Anonymous after all), what better quote fits than "To pee... or not to pee...". That is the question after all.

Apologies to the die-hard Shakespeare fans out there - I'm sure there's nothing more cringe worthy than someone corrupting the Bard's work. But really, what other quote would do?!

Want to dress up your own roll? Pop over here for the competition details!

Or go have a squizz at the flickr group and see the entries so far!


  1. That is hilarious - I love it! Good job, you'll win for sure!!

  2. Very very clever..can I vote for it?

  3. What a great idea. The quote is too funny I'm sure people have come up with worse variations =D

  4. That is so cute! I love the design, it's hilarious.

  5. Oh, I love it! That is just too cute! :)


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