Saturday, 10 March 2012

Frustrated and Unloved

I'm frustrated. This quilt top is unloved. It's not a good combination.

Tell me. Why when I love all the blocks, and love the idea, and love the fabric... why don't I love this quilt top? Maybe it's the orange. Orange and I are not friends. I tried but keep getting rebuffed. I think orange is jealous of pink in my stash. So much pink, so little orange.

It all started out so well this morning. Things looked like this:

Full of hope! Full of promise! Full of quilty goodness! But after sewing all morning (while watching Anonymous - love watching movies while I sew), I'm feeling blah about it. Why is that, quilty friends?

I think I need to add a white border around the quilt. It's a lap quilt around 36"x 40" now I don't mind making it a bit bigger. Plus I think I need a gap before adding the binding.

This fan print will be the binding.

It only got the binding short straw because I have a half yard of it and only quarter yards of the other prints. That was by accident. I'm definitely not that organised that I pre-plan the binding before I've started. An online order came through wrong and I got sent these fans instead of the flower fans I ordered. The shop was lovely and said to keep the extra fabric as an apology and resent the flower fans. Great customer service.

Anyways blabbing on as per usual. Really, this whole post is a cry for help. Help me love my quilt top again! Ideas and suggestions are always welcome. For the time being I have folded it and put it away while I think on it some more. Maybe I'll go start a new project and try to make friends with orange.


  1. I think it's because it's too much white. The colour and the prints seem to get lost. Don't get me wrong though, I love it, it's just gorgeous. I like Jane's idea about the white, then scrappy borders. Hope you love it again soon x

  2. I think it's gorgeous, but I agree. The prints seem to be lost among all that white. Maybe a colored border instead of a white one?

  3. There is a lot of white. It seems to take over the whole quilt. Try laying it onto dark backgrounds and see if that brings out the colour more. If not then possibly cut it to pieces and try something new....maybe charm sizes pieces??

    Just scroll to the top of the page =D

  4. Ooo I like very much Kristi...and if in doubt about what to do I think it is wise to put it on ice and come back later with a fresh pair of eyes. Plus I have to defend of my fave colours...I think it looks great in amongst the diamonds.

  5. I think your quilt looks great as it is, but if you are not happy with it, it will probably always bug you. Could you break up the white (if that is the problem!) with some variegated thread quilting? Just a thought.


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