Tuesday, 6 March 2012

March BoM Blocks - Foundation Piecing

I felt like I had a bit of a leg up for this month's Craftsy blocks! We did a string block back in January for the QCA bee so it was familiar territory.

Although this time it was all about foundation piecing. So instead of paper piecing the block, it was onto fabric. It certainly made it easier to make that white strip perfectly centred. But it felt like a waste of fabric and I hate how bulky the seams are. Plus I really suck at ironing my seams open. Amazing I didn't burn all my fingers.

I'm happy with how this one turned out. The green was an afterthought but I'm glad I added it in - it really makes the fabrics pop I think.

For the Broken Spiderweb block, instead of going for a colour theme, I instead chose all the same fabric prints just in different colours.

And to soothe my secret inner organiser (not that you can tell I have one by the state of my house currently!), I decided to make this one ordered rather than scrappy. I think if I redid it, I perhaps would have chosen one of the bolder colours for the inside strips - maybe the blue. But that's okay, it's done now! Again. I really hate ironing seams open.

Here are my 6 blocks so far. This is perhaps going to be the most colourful, scrappy, random type quilt I have done to date!
The photos are a bit shocking (I'm starting to think it's more about the photographer than anything else...) but the weather has come over quite dreary here. Please note, I am not complaining. I much prefer this to the past 30 degree (celcius, not fahrenheit! ;) )sweat-your-bum-off type days we've been having lately.

Well now to go and decide what to do about that owl quilt. Hopefully will have some progress on that soon! Thanks to those who responded with suggestions on the great scrappy vs solid debate!


  1. These are great! I really like the one with the same fabric in different colors! It looks very animated. Good luck on your decision with the owl quilt!

  2. The blocks look great!! I love the one in the first picture...staring at it is really hypnotising!! =D


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