Saturday, 3 March 2012

So many pinks...

Apparently I'm a secret pink lover. I know, I know. Tragic beyond belief. I did not know that side of me existed until I pulled fabrics out for this quilt.

Yes I have made giant leaps and strides in sewing this quilt top since last I mentioned it! Amazing what kidfree time can do for you.

We started back here (envision some flashback waviness and appropriate music if you like).

And boy was that a mammoth cutting session. Now I remember why I tend to just cut a few blocks at a time!

Zip lock bags are your friends. Especially when they have Mr Men characters on them. Mr Happy - appropriate no?

I wish I had noticed at this stage that I had cut and sewn some of my 3" strips as 3.5" strips. That was incredibly annoying when I came to putting it altogether (yep I unpicked, recut, resewed. Maybe I'm becoming a real quilter? wait no, a real quilter wouldn't have made that mistake in the first place!). 

Cross eyed owl! I think this shows the colours a little better.

And ended here (end wavy flashback lines). The owl photo again! Deja vu hey?!

Okay it's just the quilt top for now. I didn't have enough white fabric to do the full border that the pattern calls for (Hootenanny by Boo Davis from Dare to be Square - awesome awesome book, if you don't have it, seriously consider it!) because I don't tend to look at fabric requirements when i find a pattern I love. I just go for it. Yeah I'm so organised. 

So here's my dilemma... Scrappy pink border followed by a white border (will have to buy the white fabric and hope it matches but figure with a pink border in between it won't be so obvious if it doesn't - please enjoy that run-on sentence). Or a solid pink border - maybe of the darker pink (again will have to buy but I'm sure I can get a close-ish match)? Or.. I am considering just adding some pink and white stripes top and bottom to give it more length as it's already quite wide! Oh the decisions!

Thoughts, suggestions, random comments most welcome. I'm clearly not a very decisive person. You'd think based on that, scrappy quilts would be totally my thing. Not so much. The semi-random placement of pinks nearly drove me crazy. But still - I am loving how this turned out. So I'm linking it up to This Week with Sunni because I'm a bit proud of this effort. :)


  1. That is a really great owl! Pink and white stripes at top and bottom would look great, but so would a border all around... I'm really crap at decisions too :p

  2. Your quilt top is brilliant, well done you! Scrappy pink border sounds good. As you are no longer a secret pink lover, but now an official member of the PIGGs (Pink Is Great Girlies) you really should embrace it and liberate as much pink fabric as you can from your stash. Where it has obviously been lurking for too long!

  3. Wow I do remember..flashbacks much. Ziplock bags rule!! I've been using so many that my mother thought I was making secret sandwiches.
    The quilt top looks amazing..didn't think it would be so big. I'f you have scraps left take them with you when finding the right pink, that way it'll match something

  4. Personally I'd go with a totally contrasting color like turquoise, but that's just me! The owl is pretty awesome though :)

  5. Oh my! You did work fast girl. Your daughter must looooooooove it. All the best with layout decisions. There is a great hot pink reverse polkadot at SL that would make a great binding though.

  6. You are one clever chick! Lulu looks like she loves it already! I have to say darker pink solid border, I personally think there's enough scrappy pinks in the mix.. But then again scrappy pink border with a darker pink behind could work too. Indecision (indeciveness? is that a word?!) runs in the family! Well done!


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