Monday, 26 March 2012

Progress - I made kisses!

I'm renaming my French Kisses quilt to XOXO because:
1) it's faster to type
2) the blocks are X's and O's
3) it's preferable as this quilt is for my parents
and lastly 4) it makes me feel all Gossip Girl saying XOXO (yeah I love me some trash tv!).

So I have made the X blocks for my XOXO quilt! I thought about labelling my blog post XXX but gosh that might give the wrong impression, do you think? I have to tell you though, I thought I was in love with the Sweet Lush fabric line before, now I know it's my fabric kindred spirit. I am loving working with it. And this pattern? Fantastically gorgeous. I think I am going to find it very hard to part with this quilt when it's done. But that shows how much I love my mummy.

On the love theme... I am loving these fussy cut centres of my X blocks:

 These are particular favourite blocks:

See what I mean about the X shapes?  Cool huh? I haven't done these before and I was happy most of my points lined up! Most ;)

Are you starting to love Sweet Lush as much as me? Not yet? How about some more photos to convince you?
Putting it altogether. That's 32 flying geese units. Whew!

Here are the blocks all lined up. But this isn't how the finished quilt will look. I still have to make the O blocks. That's on the agenda for this week. Ooh can't wait to see how that looks!

And from another angle. Because really this quilt does not have a bad side. It's so pretty and happy and bright and cheerful and many other words that may make my quilty heart explode with happiness.

Here's what the finished product should look like (and coincidentally haha) where you can buy the French Kisses quilt pattern! I highly recommend it! Very easy to follow, lots of details and really - look at this picture. Is this a beautiful quilt or what? Btw there is a QAL planned for this quilt over at Traceyjay quilts. If I had patience, I would have waited and joined in. But I don't. So I just jumped in and got started.

I am doing an extra row of blocks at the bottom to make my quilt a bit longer. Took a bit of figuring out how much extra fabric but I've cut into 16 FQ's and still have some left over to make matching cushions. I'm a happy camper.I probably should have thought ahead and fussy cut some centres for the cushions. Hmm. Maybe I need to buy more fabric. Ha!

Right. I'm off to sew some O blocks. Can't wait to put them all together and see how this quilt's going to turn out! I am loving it. Not sure if I mentioned that fact. Hope you are working on a project you are loving too!


  1. they look so pretty. ♥
    Thanks for showing me... have you adding your pictures to our flickr group yet?

    And thank you for the feedback that everything was clear. I had a friend test it for me, so she helped me work out a few places... but I'm so glad it's working for you too! :) Thanks for the email!

  2. /added... not adding... oops.

  3. Can't wait to see more! And I love the Gossip Girl reference. ;)

  4. Wow they are looking great! Can't wait to see the O blocks =D


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