Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ooh weekend sewing

I love the weekends - more time to sew! I have so much to do and I'm dithering all over the place on where to start so here I am blogging instead. Makes sense right?

See my dilemma is with this:

The French Kisses pattern has been released! Yep I've already bought it. I am so excited about this pattern! And, it's great timing as my fabric for it arrived just this week!

Sweet Lush by Patty Young
 Woohoo! The planets are aligning in my little sewing world. So do I start work on this fab new pattern that I'm just itching to try? Or do I finish off my wips - namely the owl quilt and the Diamonds in Squares...

Yeah I'm thinking new project too! Why not work on what you are loving right now? I don't want sewing to feel like a chore and really if I work on one of my wips right now, I will spend most of the time looking longingly at the new fabric that is clearly calling my name.

Loving the French Kisses pattern as much as me? Pop over to Traceyjay Quilts. She's having a giveaway! Or you can just buy the pattern (and if you win the giveaway, get your payment refunded!). Right, off to start cutting - progress photos soon!


  1. Hahaha I know what you mean..I start things think yes I'll come back to this when I feel like it and start something new! I just like to make all the blocks first then the quilts after, saves me thinking of backing fabric!....Give the fabrics to meeeeeee =D

  2. Oh I love this fabric you have chosen - its going to look great! I hope that naughty Diamonds in Squares quilt behaves when you bring it back out of time out.


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