Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Guess what? I put the X's with the O's today! With their powers combined they became an XOXO quilt top! Which is better than what they were previously - an XXX quilt top which sounds wrong on so many levels.

Ooh look how pretty it is! I just like looking at it. And looking at it. And looking at it some more. And it's not even finished!

Turn your head sideways. My camera and the computer had a disagreement on which side is up on this photo. Guess which one won?

I love quilt photos like this. All stained glass and artistic looking. We'll pretend the sideways thing adds to the artistic look I was going for.

Well I feel a little bad. I'm an unfair quiltmaker. The X's got an entire blog post on their own, but nothing about the O's. So I'll include them here and we'll call it even.

These whipped up super fast. This quilt is just made for chain piecing. I whipped these babies through so fast, it was brilliant!

They make their own awesome looking pattern (which by the way Tracey included as a bonus in the French Kisses quilt pattern).

Here's a refresher on how the X's looked on their own.

I couldn't resist seeing how they would look all put together, so here's a pre-sewn photo for posterity.

And the after shot - slightly different layout.

It's going to be Queen sized so I added an extra row of blocks at the bottom, and I'll do something or rather with the border for the width. Mum requested an aqua or green border. Based on the pictures, I'm leaning more towards an aqua border.

Love this pattern. Love this fabric. Love this quilt top.

Linking up with Sew Modern Monday (even though it's Tuesday in my part of the world!) over at Canoe Ridge Creations. Just consider me fashionably late. 

P.S. The name of this quilt really makes me want to sign off this blog post with...
You know you love me. 
Ahhh too much tv obviously.


  1. Hilarious. Even if you made terrible quilts (which you don't), I'd read your blog just to laugh. Your quilt is gorgeous that fabric is growing and growing and growing on me...

  2. I love your quilt. Love it.
    The fabric is fresh and pops again the white. Love it! Did I say that already?

  3. You are really sewing up a storm at the minute! Have you locked the little monkeys away?

    Quilt is looking lovely too, might have to add that pattern to my long list of future quilts.

  4. The quilt is looking great! I think you've pretty much talked me into buying the pattern! I really love the fabric used, it's like a spring garden. Love it!

  5. Wow you worked fast to get those done! Very impressive! I love the blocks separately, but together they really do look more amazing!! =D


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