Friday, 16 March 2012

A Last Minute Gift

So my Nan's birthday has been on the same day for the past 89 years (okay, I've only been alive for 32 of those but that's still a lot!). So you'd think I'd realise it was approaching and fast. Did I get organised and make her a gift with plenty of time to spare? Ha! Of course not. I left it til my last possible kidfree sewing day to get it done. But it is done.

At 89, what do you get for your birthday when you pretty much have everything you could possibly need or want?

 Well how about a placemat (in your favourite colour) for that very bare table sitting in your lounge room? Of course it will be paired with a nice basket of assorted cheeses, crackers and jams. Something Nan loves.

I had planned to do some FMQ on it (more desperately needed practice) but my machine is getting fixed and could take up to three weeks. The horror! So I have borrowed my mum's and it's not too keen on FMQ. But hey at least I can sew. Because my goodness, it would be a long three weeks if I wasn't able to sew at all.

It was actually fun to see how this block would look in different colours. All of my other attempts have been making it with a white background with mixed scraps for the diamond.

I also whipped up another Garden Fence block for Marieka for the QCA Bee. It suddenly occurred to me that some of my Aviary 2 fit the description of "greys, blacks, and yellows" perfectly so I had to make one more block. Paired up with little dots from Riley Blake.

 So I have three blocks to hand over to Marieka at Quilt Club on Sunday. Yay!


So these are my rather small finishes for this week. Everything else is still in the WiP category. Plans to work on those this weekend. Though goodness! I may have to start a new project for Quilt Club because nothing else is portable. Oh dear, what a shame.

Linking up with TGIFF which is being hosted over at The Nifty Stitcher this week. Definitely have to check out the quilt Rhianon has finished this week - it's amazing!


  1. Aw, what a wonderful gift to give your Nan! Smart you to borrow your mom's machine. I don't know what I'd do without my machine for three weeks! Great finishes, KristyLou!

  2. Hi Kirsty Lou. Love the placemat you've done for your Nan - I think she will love it too. I like the different colourways. Thanks so much for linking up with TGIFF.

  3. Very appropriate colours for St Patrick's Day tomorrow! Three weeks for your machine to be repaired, what have you been doing to it?!!

  4. The mat is gorgeous and will make a lovely present. I'm sure your Nan will love it!

  5. Your Nan's placemat is great, it looks so different to the white ones too. I LOVE your garden fence blocks, I saw the block over at hyacinth quilt designs and decided to make a quilt just like it, I just got all my yellow and grey fabrics last month, yours look beautiful with the Aviary prints.

  6. What a lovely gift! Handmade items are always much more thoughtful as they can be kept for years to come =D

  7. Yes very Irish indeed Kristy. Enjoy modern quilt club on Sunday.


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