Monday, 19 March 2012

Frustration leads to new projects - that's logical right?

Weekends tend to be my best sewing time. It's usually when I get a lot accomplished. So you can imagine I had grand plans for this weekend with so many projects on the go. But things were not coming together well so instead of persisting, I started a new project! As you do! Okay full disclosure, it was on my list of wips but I hadn't started cutting it til this weekend.

By today (with some help from a solid few hours at quilt group yesterday) I had this!

Cute hey? It's the "I'm a weiner" pattern by Boo Davis from her fab book Dare to be Square. Oh, I've mentioned that a time or two have I?

This one is going to a couple of fluppy dogs I know named Anastasia Beaverhausen and Monika Legzakimbo. Yep, those are their actual names. Bet they have fun when they're called up at the vet's office.

I haven't done the back yet but I'm leaning towards appliqueing paw prints on the back. Too cliche?

So I guess I should share the real reason why I started a new project. My Diamonds in Squares quilt did not go to plan. I finally decided on borders, got stuck into sewing them, had numerous hassles trying to work out the corners (yeah I don't plan ahead - what? I have to make these into corners? Oh crap), filled with ridiculous sewing glee that the quilt top was done until I laid it out...

And this happened:

Hello wrinkly wavy border. You are not my quilty friend. Please desist with your waviness and kindly bugger off.
So a goodly portion of my time at quilt club (after we played "Fix-Kristy's-crappy-looking-quilt-top-game") was spent unpicking the borders. They have now been re-ironed, hopefully into submission and I'm going to attempt to sew them on again, this time with a gazillion and five pins. Oh did I not mention I didn't pin as I went? Yeah rookie mistake I'm sure.

So to remind myself that I do love this quilt top ( I do, I do, it's just like a naughty child, I love it but I don't like it right now), here's a picture I took of it looking pretty in the sunlight. Poser.

Wish me luck fixing this one. I still have yet to make the back - a grand plan for a pieced back in all sorts of Good Fortune loveliness. That should fill me with more sewing glee, but alas, it's not there yet.

But here's something that ought to fill any fabric lover's heart with glee! Look what I received in the post today!

A whole yard of yummy fabric (Sandi Henderson fabric, thank you very much!) that I won in a giveaway  thanks to the lovely Allison at Dreaming in Patchwork. That definitely brightened my day. And my daughter's. Not yet two and she has already started snaffling my fabric. Yep, that makes me proud. Clearly I'm doing something right with her upbringing.

Well best go have an attempt at fixing my Diamonds in Squares. Hope your quilty heart is filled with sewing glee, your borders are unwavy and you win a bloggy giveaway somewhere.


  1. Your post made me laugh and laugh. It's so refreshing to find someone else not doing everything perfectly all the time! I thought I was following you and just realised I wasn't but I have fixed that now! That Good Fortune is lovely and I think the purple border will be worth all the hassle in the end, it intensifies the colour. Looking forward to seeing it done :)

  2. I love your doggy quilt and don't those dogs have fabulous names. Must be great fun shouting those out in the park! Go for the full on doggyness with pawprints (and bones?).

    That Diamonds in Squares quilt is determined to beat you isn't it! You have to show it who is boss, a gazillion pins should do the trick.

  3. The dog quilt is awesome!! Can't believe you got it done so quickly! Paw prints are never a cliche!
    Oh dear maybe starching the border might have made it lay better?
    Love the fabric!! =D

    I'm holding a small swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

  4. The dog quilt is too cute! I love the paw print idea. Your diamond quilt is beautiful. I don't pin much either and I always regret it. After I got done with my last quilt, I had to fix a 1/2inch of area where the binding wasn't attached to the quilt on the front! I never learn my lesson!


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