Thursday, 9 February 2012

Good Fortune - a work in progress

Normally I'm an end-project kind of girl. I love getting to that final stage where you whip the quilt off the machine, give a great sigh of satisfaction and feel like you've achieved something great. Well, right up until you look closely and notice a gazillion flaws. Or is that just me? But you know what I mean, right? That feeling of wow! I just cut up a bunch of fabric, sewed it back together again and it looks kind of awesome!

But with this project, I am really enjoying the process. No, that's not just code for I'm a slack-arse and haven't done much work on this. I really am enjoying it! I'm loving picking out 12 different prints for each block and playing around with different layouts. I'm really loving how each block has its own distinct look.

So I have made another two blocks. Hurrah! I have reached a massive amount of 5 blocks! And I don't know how many left to go because I'm totally making this up as I go.

I know you shouldn't play favourites with your blocks. But I do have a favourite - that one right there at the front. It just works so nicely with those colours! Don't tell the other blocks because they are all beautiful in their own right too of course!

So here's how it's looking with the blocks lined up tidily...

And then here's how it's looking with the blocks all staggered and a little bit wild..
Yeah that chevron thing is totally happening like I hoped. I'm going for the staggered look. Of course it means I'll have to make a few half blocks to tidy it all up but I'm okay with that!

So this is my big wip at the moment. And I'm loving it.

I'm probably driving poor Erin crazy with all my discussion on how I'm going to back this. I've gone from the wild idea of a layer cake QAYG (still loving the idea, maybe not the practicality of it), to a more sedate patchwork backing made from a layer cake, to Erin's fabulous idea of a giant block for the backing. That'd look kind of awesome hey?

Anyways, considering how long it's taking me to make this, I think I have plenty of time to mull over the options. But if by chance you have a fabulous idea for a backing for this, or a great idea on how to quilt it, I am definitely all ears (or umm eyes, seeing as this is a blog).

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  1. ooo those blocks are looking delicious Kristy. So are you going to post a tutorial at some stage? I do like the chevron layout keeps your eye moving.

  2. Love your blocks, like the chevron layout too. A large block on the back would be fabulous, IMHO :)

  3. Ha ha ha. You're not driving me crazy at all! :)


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