Friday, 10 February 2012

TGIFF - my first!

 So I keep meaning to link up the TGIFF party (being hosted by M-R this week), but I always forget and then Friday hits and I never have anything newly finished to post on my blog! But this week, I got the gratification of feedback by posting this quilt in QCA and then saved it to post here for Friday. Sneaky sneaky.

Look at these cute little woodland creatures! Foxes, hedgehogs, owls and birds! Isn't it great for a little boy? This one doesn't have a recipient in mind nor is it going into my QP shop. This one from fabric selection to photography has been destined as a fundraiser quilt.

One of my friends has the most gorgeous little 2 year old boy with a great mischevious little grin. Unfortunately he has a genetic condition that means he's facing a bone marrow transplant in the near future. While we're lucky with the healthcare system in Australia, there are still large out of pocket expenses for the family. So fundraising has started in earnest. I've made this quilt to be added to items for a big raffle which will be happening soon. I wish I had more to contribute but I hope that this quilt will at least help a bit!

I made it bigger than a cot quilt so that it would suit an older child too. It ends up measuring 43" x 55". I did chicken out when it came to the quilting and reverted to my normal boring stitch in the ditch. Booorrringgg. Maybe next quilt I'll be a bit more adventurous.

It does have a pieced back though which I'm quite pleased with. Lots of birdies! And I'll say now, I know the photography is atrocious. This is a cute quilt but by no means photogenic. This is the second lot of photos I've taken of it. At least for the raffle, it will be seen in person!

Oh and look at this!

Binding! Honest to goodness binding! No more cheater flip-a-roo pillowcase style quilt finishing. I can do binding now! Bit proud of myself on that one. Considering it was one of my quilty goals for this year, I'm pretty happy to be able to check it off the list and it's only February. For the quilt police, it's not hand sewn, or perfect, but hey, it's binding. For fellow cheater type quilters like me, check out this fab tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts on machine sewing your binding.

Now turn your head sideways. Apparently this picture does not like being upright despite me trying to convince it otherwise.

How cute are those little foxes! I have actually done a little paper-pieced fox to turn into a cushion or a bag to match this quilt. Or something. I'm not sure yet. Waiting on the creative inspiration to strike me. Plus I ran out of that olive fabric and can't find any more that matches exactly. Don't you hate when that happens?

Oh and there's not that little white fleck on the actual little fox. I didn't see that til I just posted the picture. Poo. Photoshop it out in your head, ok? This paper pieced design is by Sonja from Artisania. Here's a link to her pattern shop - gorgeous designs! Will post an update once this little fox cutie decides what he wants to be turned into.

For now, pop over to Quilt Matters and have a look at some of the other fab Friday finishes!

Oh and if you're interested in a little giveaway, pop over here and see my contribution to the Fugly Fabric Party (I know, I know, my charm pack's not fugly, but I couldn't bear it sitting in my cupboard unloved so now's a good chance to find it a proper home!).

Also linking this in with This Week at Love Affair with my Brother because I'm a bit pleased with this effort!


  1. This is wonderful - truly adorable! I hope the fundraising goes well :)

  2. your fox is too cute - well done to you - good luck with your raffle fundraising

  3. What a really terrifically fun quilt!! I'd sure bid on it!

  4. I saw that fabric in Spotlight earlier this week and thought it was cute but you have made it into something much more interesting!

  5. I am so impressed with both of your offerings today. Great for a boy. Make sure you link us up with the fundraiser later. Cheers, Fiona

  6. This is so adorable, Kristy! I'm so glad you linked in to TGIFF! Great job with it. And kudos for the binding - striped binding at that! What a wonderful contribution you are giving to your friend!

  7. Your quilt looks so good!!!! I love all the woodland creatures. The striped binding looks awesome too! I can totally identify the feeling accomplishment with being able to do binding! Thanks for posting the tutorial on machine sewing it.

  8. What a sweet quilt for such a wonderful cause! Love your paper pieced little fox.....isn't it funny how those strings always show up in a photo but you couldn't see them before!

  9. Love your paper pieced fox - he's a cutie! Just popped over from "This Week" at Sunni's place. :)

  10. It's too cute and yes, great for a boy :)


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