Thursday, 2 October 2014

Pattern Bundle Sale!

Hello quilty types!

I know I've been rather quiet of late. It has been a busy time with homeschooling (yes it's going beautifully and I feel like we really made the right decision!) and working towards Issue 2 of Make Modern (due out on 1st November and shaping up to be rather awesome!).

So I decided to do a bit of a sale. Now unfortunately I can't just offer a coupon and send you to go crazy on pattern buying. Craftsy doesn't do coupons (yet?!). But instead I have gone and marked down all the pattern bundles. Previously they were $10, now down to $7.50. And the Just My Type pattern bundles are down to $5.00.  Bargain! ;)
You can find the patterns all listed in my Craftsy shop with discounts already applied.

Happy sewing my friends!

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