Friday 16 May 2014

Paper Piecing Party - Betty

 Firstly – a little note to all those lovely people who sent me kind words in email and comments about my nan’s passing. I was touched by all the lovely sentiments and I hope you’ll forgive me that I haven’t written back individually – but I read each note and thank you for your kindness.

Now onto this week’s paper piecing party. And it’s all about Betty. We all know and love our friend Betty. She’s been sharing her kitchen with us in the Sew Kitschy BoM. But recently she offered to share her wine. Well, as a new wine drinker, I wasn’t about to turn that offer down.

So here she is. My friend, Betty the lush. I decided I like her more now that she drinks. She also gossips like there’s no tomorrow, and boy can she swear when she’s had a few drinks. I’d totally be best friends with her.

Final Betty the Lush

Betty’s gone to hang out with a few pattern testers at the moment, but after that she’s going to be a regular in my pattern store.

I thought I’d share a bit of the behind the scenes pattern designing process that went on with this one. I always find it interesting when I’m designing to go back and see how many drafts I’ve saved before I reach the final copy. This one took 35. So here’s a little progression collage so you can see how Betty started, and then how she ended up. She was quite insistent on having some frames for fussy cutting and a mirror to check her makeup in, and we all know what Betty wants, Betty gets.

Betty Progress

So you can see how the pattern kind of progressed. Much thanks to the gorgeous Erin who is the best pattern editor a girl could hope for. Erin helps with fab suggestions if something works or not, ideas on what to change, and the best – tells me straight up if something doesn’t work. Everyone needs a friend like Erin. But go find your own. I like her being my personal pattern advisor and don’t want to share ;)

And there you have it my friends. A new Betty pattern – proof that she does more than just live in her kitchen. :) I will hope to have this new pattern out sometime next month (along with the London patterns that are currently with testers too). So new patterns are on their way and be added to my Craftsy shop as they are ready.

Now it’s your turn. Let’s see what paper piecing mischief you have been up to this week!

Quick refresher on what the deal is with the Paper Piecing Party (full details here):
* It’s on every weekend here at Quiet Play, starting Friday.
* Link up something you’re working on that’s foundation paper pieced
* Link a blog post or flickr photo
* Visit at least two other links and leave a comment because that’s half the fun!


  1. 35?! Sheesh! I'm surprised you didn't kill me then! ;)

  2. Oh i love Betty! I could totally be friends with her!

  3. Betty sounds like my kind of girl :)

  4. Ah, good to see Betty with a glass of wine in her head! Great job and she's only helped me out a couple of times but Erin sure does have a great eye for design!

  5. Kristy, you have such great wit! Enjoyed the post, love the new block, & good thing you did not ask me to test or she would likely hold the wine bottle in her other hand:-P

  6. How fun to see how the pattern progressed. Thanks for letting me test her out :)

  7. Fun to see how the pattern changed as you went along. Thanks for sharing that. And Betty is beautiful.

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  9. I love Betty and her wine! Can't wait til she makes her debut in the store!


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