Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

 I think I must have played that game a lot at school as a child because the words “cookie jar” immediately trigger that little sing song game immediately in my brain. Tell me I’m not alone.
So as we are approaching the end of February, I thought I would share a few pictures of some of the retro cookie jars that have been popping up in the BoM linky party. You can still link yours up for a chance to win some of my patterns too!

Cookie jar sketch

Also this post is to remind you to download the pattern from my shop in the next few days while it’s still free – it will become a paid pattern on the 1st March (Aussie time – because well, I’m Aussie.)  when the new pattern is released. I got complaints about it last month because people hadn’t downloaded the pattern in the previous 30 days it was available free. I do my best guys but it’s easier for me to remember to change things around when I’m listing the new pattern and changing the old pattern to paid at the same time.

Now onto the pretty pictures.

Cookie Jar by Sandy

Lovely bright citrus-y colours from Sandy!

Cookie Jar by Bea

Red and aqua by Bea!

Cookie Jar by Tiffany

Love the SunPrint background here by Tiffany! 

You still have some time to link up your block over here. Then check back on Saturday for the third block of the BoM!

I’ve had a few questions about how to put the word “cookies” onto your cookie jar. I’m not actually making this BoM this year (too much going on) but if I were doing it, I would probably draw it on with a fabric marker. The other options are applique, hand embroidery or using your sewing machine to stitch it on. As for fonts, have a play around in Paint or PicMonkey and try writing out the word “Cookies” in different font styles and see which one you like. Print it off and you can use that for your template for your block perhaps. That’s all I’ve got as a suggestion. I’m not so great on the embellishment part- my forte is the block designing! :)

I’m enjoying seeing the different fabric choices and the way people are making the blocks their own. I hope that you are enjoying making them! Happy sewing, retro friends! Smile


  1. I cant wait to get mine up, your gonna love it.....

  2. thanks ;) love the others too and need to take pics of my friends blocks she doesn't blog...

  3. The game is a new one on me, I guess it was called something completely different in Scotland! I think you are very good to make each of the BOM patterns free for a month at a time but I am afraid that you can never please all of the people all of the time :)

  4. I used to play that game :-) So fun seeing how different the blocks look with different fabrics. Hope you are feeling better now xx

  5. Yes we played that game a lot too ... Love seeing everyone's versions of the blocks, it's fun :)

  6. You're not alone! I never tire of seeing all the different combinations for each block. I'd better get a move on; I'm great at downloading the pattern, but much slower at sewing it up!!

  7. "Cookie Jar" doesn't bring that song into my head, but anytime someone says "who me?" it pops right in! Love the block.

  8. I finished mine last I have to work my way through some camera and computer glitches to get the photo up. I'm much more excited about this one than I was last month's. Not your pattern, my colors, I mean! I plan to re-do the pot-holder one and change the background color. The extra block can be my label! Beth @ Words & Stiches

  9. I have completely failed this month! I can't believe people were bitching that you didn't offer a pattern for free for long enough! They should be very grateful you generously offer them for free at all, I am!


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