Friday, 7 February 2014

Paper Piecing Party– The Animal Edition

 I absolutely love drawing up new paper pieced designs. Pretty sure you might have figured that out already! But what I love even more is seeing the patterns translated into fabric. I love seeing what fabrics people choose, if they add fussy cutting or embellishment – how people make the patterns their own basically!

So to announce the big release of all the current animal patterns (Aussie and Woodland!), I’ve put together a little collage of some of the tester’s patterns! You can find all these patterns in my Craftsy shop.
A big big thank you to all the wonderful testers who helped out with these patterns. You make my life so much easier!

Now onto the pretty pictures! Here are the Woodland Animals!

Woodland Creatures Paper Pieced
Woodland creatures

(I don't know why these are sitting slightly wonky - just squint and pretend they line up)

All of these patterns have been listed in my Craftsy shop as bundles, as well as individually. It takes up a fair bit of space in my little shop, but I figure that gives people options if they only want a couple of the patterns and not the entire bundle!

And here are the Aussie Animals!

Australian Animals Paper PiecedAussie Animal Sketches

Don’t all the tester blocks just look fabulous! I just love them!

Don’t forget – if you make a block from one of my patterns, you can always add it to the Quiet Play Flickr group, or tag it on IG with #quietplaypatterns. I totally just made that hashtag up so there’s probably nothing there yet. Quick, quick, go add stuff so I don’t look like a complete nut Smile

Now onto the party! Let’s see what paper piecing mischief has been happening at your place this week!


  1. Happy Friday Kristy!!! All of the little critters look amazing!!! I especially love that badger!

  2. These animals are all sew cute! I am in love with that little raccoon - especially! Your creativity is astounding!

  3. Kristy, you and your patterns are the best!!

  4. Those blocks look so good all together. I love the way some of the fabrics are just so perfect for the animal they've made. Well done to everyone!

  5. These might just be your best patterns yet, although I think I say that every time you launch new patterns:) Didn't your testers do well bringing your patterns to life too!

  6. Oh my goodness! Each is better than the last!! And that badger!!!!

  7. I like to see the patterns in fabrics as well. Sometimes I'm having hard time to imagine how it'll look. These are all so cute.

  8. These are the best animal patterns I have ever seen! They are uber cute!!!

  9. These are so lovely rounded designs.

  10. Oh Kristy...these are amazing!! Your work is so outstanding.

  11. I just found these patterns on pinterest today and couldn't find them in your shop anymore. Are they still available?

    1. Yes they are available now in my payhip shop. Http:// Due to changes with the VAT laws, I've had to remove my patterns from Craftsy.


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