Monday, 10 February 2014

Little House

I’ve joined a new Bee this year! It’s called the Wee Bee – you can see our little Flickr Group here. I’m in rather esteemed company – I hope I can live up to the expectations!!

The lovely Catherine from CatandVee was Miss February/March and was kind enough to go with a nice easy theme – little houses! So here is my little house – or rather, Catherine’s little house! I used the House 9 pattern from my “Little Houses” pattern bundle which is in my Craftsy shop.

Little Paper Pieced House for Catherine

Catherine does such awesome fussy cutting, I wanted to make sure I included a few bits and pieces for her. Plus – fussy cutting in paper piecing is fun. Like really fun.

So… we have a poodle peering out the window. That’s for Catherine’s dog who is a poodle cavalier cross.

Poodlie dog and a wee bee

I like how the blue background of the poodle kind of makes it look like the top of the curtains in the window. Happy accident.

I found a “wee bee” scrap of fabric so of course I needed to incorporate that into the block!!

Pretty pug

This little pug is visiting in the yard of the house, waiting to be let inside. He’s no random stray though, he belongs to Catherine’s brother. Seriously – I’m not that big a stalker to find out all these details about Catherine. I posted a pic of the dog fabric (Doggy Dog by Robert Kaufman) and she mentioned those facts, so I decided these puppies needed to be a part of the block.

And saying that, with my next photo, you really are going to think I’m a stalker (I promise I’m not Catherine!). But I added a bit of selvedge to the door with her house number on it.
12 Fussy Cut Lane

So with that in mind, I’m calling this block 12 Fussycut Lane. Because… Well just because. It’s either that or 12 Stalker Street. But I think Fussycut Lane has a nicer ring to it.

The Wee Bee


  1. 12 Stalker Street, I love it!! And I love 12 Fussycut Lane too. :-D All your little details are just perfect - Teddy the poodle, Harold the pug, the wee bee and the house number, I just love them. I need to go buy your house bundle now, for some reason it has slipped under my radar! Thanks so much Kristy, I so appreciate your making this gorgeous house, and all your attention to detail. Not stalkerish at all ;-) Catherine xx

  2. What a cute block, I love all of the fussy cutting!

  3. Absolutely brilliantly creative! Love it!

  4. Great block Kristy, we believe you about the stalking, honestly! If you have this much info for the next block we might have to rethink that though :)

  5. This is so sweet - I adore that bee buzzing around!!

  6. If you called it 12 Stalker Street, you'd certainly have to send at least a copy to Bonnie Hunter. She posted about watching scary movies at her cabin in the woods (while alone) and quilting. Oh, my, can you imagine how scary? I grew up in the country along a US highway. You never knew when someone might come to your door for help or whatever. Our nearest neighbor was 1/4 mi away, so screaming wouldn't help and that neighbor was literally deaf - they wore hearing aids and still did a lot of lip reading. I watch too much ID tv home alone and know there are some weird folks out there. Thanks for a great post. I want to make a house quilt and haven't settled on a pattern yet. I haven't decided if I want a traditional pattern or a modern or a combo - all one size different sizes - I just can't make up my mind. Anyhow, this is adorable and I love, love, love the house number. I may use your idea and see if I can find some numbers and put my house number on just one of the houses. Thanks for a great, great post. Hope I didn't bore you with Bonnie's love of movies.

  7. o fun to be able to add fun details to personalize the block!! the joy of paper piecing!!!

  8. It is gorgeous. Those little pieces you add are so incredible.

  9. How very cute - with all those added little personal touches. Lucky Catherine.

  10. Very cute! I love the little dogs.

  11. Ha! But Stalker Way has a nice ring to it ;) All those personal touches are so thoughtful, I'm sure she'll love it.

  12. Any block thats a house has me :) super special with all the little personal touches, and what makes them great is they are subtle, which you get when you look, guess thats just a me thing hahahaha.

  13. You my friend are both hysterical and super talented! Love all the fussy cuts, so thoughtful!

  14. I love your Australian animals! I've just happened onto your blog (started out at Jen Kingwell's) and I'll be a "regular". You have great ideas, thanks!


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