Monday, 16 December 2013

Last Minute Christmas Gifts!

 Despite there being an entire 12 months between Christmases… I still seem to leave things to the last minute. Thought I’d share a couple of last minute gifts I’ve made (each only takes a few hours!) for those who are also in the –oh-my-goodness-it’s-nearly-Christmas-must-make-stuff-panic-flail-freakout boat.

Here are some Grandparent gifts! Personalised bookmarks. I was inspired by this pin (which leads to a link for the book it’s in).

Embroidered bookmarks

I had each of my kidlets draw pictures of Grandma and Grandad and then got my 6 year to write the words. I traced them onto fabric, bit of embroidery and done! The hardest part of all of this was getting the kids to keep their drawings on the small side! My bookmarks ended up 3” x 8”.

Those who follow me on IG have seen these already but I decided at the last minute I needed to make gifts for the office ladies at J’s school. Considering one of them is my aunt and she won’t be there next year, well I really –had- to make something. I decided this the day before we had to hand the presents out. I know - you’re impressed by how incredibly organised I am.

Retro Mama to the rescue with her awesome Little House tutorial.

Little Houses ornaments
I changed mine slightly – decided not to make them stuffed, but kept them flat instead. Made it a little quicker to get these done!  Oh and I fussy cut birds for the windows rather than stitching on a felt bird on each one.

Little House ornament

I’m thinking now I need to make one for me to go on my own tree. Maybe next year. In December. ;)

And lastly – a project I made for my sister. The day before posting her parcel I realised I had not included anything handmade. That’s just not right. So I set out to remedy that quicksmart. Again inspired by something on Pinterest (unfortunately I can’t find the original source), I made a little canvas.

Home is where the heart is canvas

My sister has travelled the world, lived in a bunch of different cities in four different countries. So thought this idea might appeal to her. With a bit of help from Google Maps, I found pics of those cities, printed them out and cut them into heart shapes. I then stitched the paper onto some dark grey fabric. Used my handy dandy staple gun and the gift was done! Easy peasy.

Close up of heart maps

I’ll beg your indulgence to excuse the dreadful photos. Not only were these last minute gifts, they were also last minute photos taken right before I wrapped these ready to go!

So now the last minute stuff is taken care of, I probably should finish the Christmas gifts that I started last month…Organised. That's me.


  1. Those house ornaments are adorable! Glad to know I'm not the only one with last minute plans. I'm still considering a custom tablecloth for our pastors, who are also friends, but I'm not sure I can get my hands on the right fabric in time.

  2. All of these are great gifts. Being a grandparent, I love the bookmarks and would love to receive one.

  3. Love the grandparent bookmarks. I used that idea of the same book a couple of years ago, but made the pictures into panels on a miniquilt for my boys godmother - she loved it :-)

  4. All three gifts are fabulous, but I really love the canvas. Well, and the houses, and the bookmarks!

  5. Hehehe. I'll motivate you if you motivate me. We can do this! Funny how we've both left our Mums til last...

  6. your so awesome! Love all of these gifts which are all so thoughtful and special!!!

  7. Such gorgeous and clever handmade gifts, I love them all. Embroidering your children's pictures is just genius :-)

  8. These are such great gift ideas! They may have been quick to make but you can tell you've put a lot of thought into them.

  9. Cool. These last minutes gifts are usually the best :-)

  10. These are great Kristy, nothing like an imminent deadline to kick your creativity in to gear :)

  11. Kristy, you have made so cute and lovely things! I love the little houses and the Map Picture is fantastic! Have a wonderful Christmas time! x Teje
    Ps. I shall print now more letters!

  12. Love the little houses! I have to make some! And the bookmarks are adorable!

  13. All very cute ideas! What a gal...working up until the last minute.

  14. Fabulous ideas! I really love the maps, there's a shop near me that charges a fortune for something similar!

  15. how adorable are those bookmarks! I wanted to make a version of the hearts plaque for my husband on our anniversary. I'd seen ones with "where we met", "where we're from", "where we married", but we did all those things in Nottingham so it would be a bit boring!


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