Friday, 11 October 2013

Paper Piecing Party – It’s for the Birds

Our little Wombat Stew group recently did an ATC swap. I had little idea what an ATC idea was before that – and for those in a similar unknowing boat, they are Artist Trading Cards. Basically little decorated/embellished/prettied up fabric ‘cards’.

We didn’t really have any guidelines other than to keep them fairly small. We also all shared info on our favourite colours.

I went with paper pieced birds. I do love birds and well paper piecing was pretty much a given for my ATCs right?!

Wombat Stew ATCs

I used Sketch or Colour Weave in each of them and chose the colours that suited each of the Wombats. A last minute light bulb made me remember these sweet little scissors charms I had tucked away. So I added those to the ATCs for a finishing touch – because doesn’t everyone need a bird to bring them scissors?!

Green bird for me!

This little one on the blue background is mine. I ran out of the sandy/beigey kind of Colour Weave that I had used on all the others so I figured mine could be a little bit different. Oh and size wise, these are around 4” square.

I have added the pattern for this little Birdie Bird to my Craftsy shop. I have included pattern templates for both 6" and 10" sized blocks. 

And for the curious… here are all the ATCs I received from the Wombats!

Pretty ATCs

Can you guess what my favourite colour is?! Winking smile  I love how unique and creative each of these is! They make a lovely representation of our little group!

ATCs from Wombat Stew
So credit to each of these talented gals… Top row: Jane and Alyce. Middle row: Gemma, Lara, Fiona, Gina. Bottom row: Midge, Marieka and mine (you knew that already!).

Fiona made pouches for us instead of ATCs and they are perfectly sized to fit all the ATCs in! Could not have done that better if she planned it!!

Wombat Stew ATCs in pouch

These were a lot of fun to do. Though I think if we do this kind of swap again, I’d likely make different patterns for each of the girls – I did get a bit sick of piecing the same pattern 9 times over!

So that’s my paper piecing sharing for this week! What’s yours?

Quick refresher on what the deal is with the Paper Piecing Party (full details here):
* It’s on every weekend here at Quiet Play, starting Friday.
* Link up something you’re working on that’s foundation paper pieced
* Link a blog post or flickr photo
* Visit at least two other links and leave a comment because that’s half the fun!


  1. The little birds are adorable! Love them

  2. Oh my goodness, those birds! I love how you chose a coordinating but different fabrics for the wings.

  3. they are all such great ideas - and love how they fit into the pouch :-)

  4. Love the birds! I saw your comment on my leaves that I posted in last week's paper piecing party. I believe the leaf was originally from Quiltmaker magazine many years ago. It wasn't paper pieced and I think the stem was applique. I drew it up for paper piecing (on graph paper back then!) and now have it in EQ so I can make leaves in all different sizes. I really like the shape of the leaf and the fact that it is very scrappy.

  5. Love ATCs! The ones I have done have all been paper. Cool idea to do it in fabric. :)

  6. Okay, you have 7 different bird patterns, but this isn't one of them... I adore this pattern, and would LOVE to buy the pattern!

  7. I love how everyone's look all together and color seems to be the main theme. All together we do make a rainbow! The scissors were the perfect finishing touch!!

  8. Sounds like it was a fun swap, your birds are adorable and your Bee mates did you proud with their ATC's too.

  9. Those birds are so cute and all the cards are so creative.

  10. What a great idea. And, oh, do I love those birdies or do I love them? The scissors are pure genius. x

  11. So clever and so tiny! The charm is the perfect touch!

  12. Hi! What a beautiful scene with little birds! And the scissors are perfect detail!
    All the things you got are most beautiful! x Teje
    PS. Now I need to paper piece T ...

  13. These birds are just "charming"! I love paper piecing. Will look for your pattern next.

  14. these ATC's are sooo cool! And the birds! Adorable!

  15. Awesome birdies :) I've just got into making these ATC's too!! SO much fun!!!

  16. I love these birds Kristy! - the little scissors are the perfect finishing touch - and I love the ATC idea, I haven't heard of it before - so they're like teeny tiny mini-quilts? And is the idea that you pin them on the wall, so you can see them? I am definitely going to link to your Paper Piecing Party too (once I blog something paper pieced!) - I've been way too slack on the blogging front lately. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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