Wednesday, 25 September 2013

WiP Wed – paper piece this, paper piece that...

 It’s no big secret – I do love to paper piece. And this week has seen a lot of paper piecing happening!

For starters (or finishers?!) I just made my final block for the And Sew On BoM. Yep. That’s my shameful secret – I was behind on my own BoM. Shocking isn’t it? But I’m caught up now and ready to put these blocks together!

Here’s how all my blocks are looking so far:

And Sew On blocks by Kristy @ Quiet Play

So the block that I left til last was Spoolin Around. But it’s done now. With a bit of Good Morning Honeycomb background, some Feathers spools and some of my favourite Running Stitch which has featured in a number of the other blocks.

Spoolin Around

Now I need to work on the sashing. I had originally bought this black and white sewing stitch print thinking it would be ideal for this project. But now looking at it with the blocks, I think it may all be a bit busy and I might be better with a solid. I must decide soon as I need to get this finished to share with you next week. Don’t worry though – lovely BoMers have until the beginning of November before you need to share your big reveal in the Show and Tell party! I'll post more info about that next week.

Sashing decisions

And because I didn’t feel like this was enough paper piecing for the week, I have also been working on my Feathers paper pieced blocks. All 37 of them. Not all in one sitting. Even I'm not that crazy.

A Stack of Paper Piecing

More on this project soon! Must say I am loving the Sun Print Feathers collection though. It may be almost as much a favourite as Sketch! Almost.

Last but not least, I think this next project will not be paper pieced. I can’t say for certain yet as I haven’t definitely decided on a pattern for this bundle of Koi. All I know is I think I’ll pair it with the grey solid that’s in the background.

Koi wants to be made into something

I am leaning towards a pattern by Heather Mulder Peterson – either another Spanish Tiles quilt, or a Starlit one. Decisions decisions.

But first I’d better get the And Sew On quilt top together. That’s the first priority on my WiP list!

Wip Wed

Oh and a reminder – the linky party for the Holiday Memories Mini Quilt contest at Celtic Thistle Stitches opens tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing all the fabulous entries!

Holiday Memories button

Happy sewing, my friends!


  1. Your BOM bloks look awesome altogether!! Cant wait to see how you put them together. I think I am going to need a feather quilt, too, I love yours!! You might need to do deny meeny miny moe to decide on your Koi Quilt. Love the new's very pretty!! Makes me want to change mine up too :)

  2. I love how your blocks all coordinate! Awesome!!!

  3. Your blocks all look so great together :-) And that Koi fabric is delicious!

  4. Pretty. It just reminds me how much I'm behind. That Starlit quilt looks awesome.

  5. beautiful use of fabrics - your quilt looks amazing :)

  6. The Sew on blocks look wonderful together!

  7. Your "And Sew On" blocks look great. I would consider using white (but not a bright white) for the sashing, as you have a little bit of white in each block. Or maybe pink, for the same reason.

  8. Snap! I was only laying all my blocks out about half an hour ago to see how they all looked together. Pretty happy with them and yours look great too. I think you're right about the sashing, solid might be the way to go!

  9. Your BOM quilt looks great! I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't finished one block ~ but if I have till November ~ maybe, just maybe I can get them done!
    You are one busy gal!

  10. Fantastic to see all your And Sew On blocks together, they look great!
    I love the Starlit pattern! I have that pattern book and have been wanting to make Starlit at some point. I think it would look awesome in the Koi fabrics!

  11. I like the fabric you've chosen as the sashing .. maybe border each BOM block in black first then use the black/white sashing?

  12. Beautiful blocks! I will be jumping for joy the day I take photos of all 9 of mine... COMPLETE! I wonder if I'll end up liking the sashing fabric I chose. I really love your color choices.

  13. wow, those blocks are amazing! i am almost motivated to try some paper piecing myself!

  14. I am trying so hard to get time for some PP

  15. Your blocks look fabulous and sew pretty all togther!! Simply lovely


  16. aaaaaamaaazing! Love the BoM squares! Agreed, solid would be better.

  17. Your blocks are gorgeous. I love all of your paper piecing! Amazing. :)

  18. Super cute paper pieced blocks, they look great together and the colours are perfect. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the Koi :)

  19. Love the spools in your block. Thanks for the mention too :)


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