Monday, 30 September 2013

And Sew On… a finished wall hanging!

9 blocks. Umpteen pieces. Lots of hours. Perhaps a few trees in the process. But my And Sew On BoM wall hanging is complete!

And Sew On BoM Finished wallhanging

I must say – I’m rather pleased with how it finished up! I wasn’t sure what colour sashing to use but then I glanced over at the fabric gathering place sideboard and that Kona Jade was just sitting there saying “Pick me! Pick me!” So I did. And Kona Jade was right. Perfect match!

Teal sashing And Sew On BoM wallhnaging

I cut my sashing to 2” so it’s 1.5” on the wall hanging. I didn’t bother with a border – just cut a wider binding (2.5” and considered that bordered it enough ;)

Teal binding And Sew On BoM wallhanging

Oh and that black and white stitchy fabric I originally planned for the sashing? It turned out to be the perfect size for the backing. Serendipitous! (Yeah I was just hanging out for a chance to use that word!).

Stitchy backing And Sew On BoM

I have hung it up on my wall in my sewing nook. I say nook because it’s not a room, it’s just a little space off the lounge room. It fits my sewing desk, chair and stash cupboard. What more could a girl want?! Okay being honest, my sideboard (fabric gathering place) and dining table (cutting and pressing station) at the other end of the room also comprise my sewing space.

Sewing nook

So my wall hanging is done and brightening up my sewing room!

Don’t hit the panic button yet though, lovely BoMers. You still have all of October to put yours together. I just thought it might be helpful to see a finished version! Oh and here’s a good chance to show off my Wombat Stew version (the version that started the entire BoM idea!). Just for another thought on how to put the blocks together into a wall hanging.


You can read the details on this one over here on the original blog post.

I am very much looking forward to seeing how others put their blocks together! We will have a big Show N Tell party back here for the first week or so of November. The linky party will open on the 1st November for you to link up any finished project made with at least one And Sew On block. So you might make a cushion cover with just one block, or you might make a full wall hanging. It’s completely up to you. Projects do need to be finished for the linky party though.

Of course there will be prizes from our lovely BoM sponsors. I’ll reveal more about those as we get closer. But so far sponsors are looking like these lovelies:

Do pop by and support them as they’ve been such wonderful sponsors for the BoM! I hope you’ve enjoyed sewing along and you’re happy with your finished project! Can’t wait to see it!

I will be bundling all the blocks together for sale (as well as leaving them listed individually). You can find any patterns you may have missed along the way in my Craftsy shop too.

And Sew On BoM Button[3]

So now the big decision… should there be another paper pieced BoM next year? Got any feedback on this one for me, seeing as it was my first BoM and all? Or maybe you have an idea for a BoM theme (presuming there’s interest in doing another one!)?.  Would love to hear your thoughts – either in a comment or drop me an email kristyqp at gmail dot com.

Thanks for sewing along with me, BoMers! And sew on and sew forth Winking smile


  1. Perfect choices! Came out beautifully!

  2. Perfect colour choice for the sashing Kristy! It looks fantastic all finished up.
    As for another BoM next year... YES! While i didn't actually take part in this years BoM i enjoyed seeing everyone's blocks! And if i come up with any ideas i'll be back to let you know!

  3. Oh my! Beautifully done Kristy!

  4. Your sashing choice is perfect! I can't wait to get mine on the wall and am excited to see how everyone chooses to finish theirs. I'm thinking about a piano key border to make mine a bit bigger and use up some of my leftover layer cake fabrics. But first the rest of the blocks!

  5. Love the Kona Jade - perfect!! What a great addition to your wall.

  6. Excellent choice for sashing fabric and great that your other choice went onto the back of the hanging, meant to be! Not necessarily for a BOM but can I suggest some bird blocks as future projects as I know you like your birds. I'm specifically thinking Australian native birds, such as Star Finches and Gouldians and the like. What do you think? I'm married to a bird nut and know there's not much out there for the smaller Aussie birds.

  7. Looks great Kristy the Kona Jade sets the blocks off beautifully. Hope mine turns out as well :)
    A calendar themed BOM for next year maybe?

  8. You must be so proud! It looks great. Next year will need to be zombies, naturally. No? Ummm magical creatures? Yeah, let's do that! Griffins and unicorns and hydras and Pegasus :-)

  9. I think your fairy tales blocks would make a great QAL, although maybe too difficult for novices like me :-)

  10. Your 'And Sew On' BOM turned out lovely! Hope I can finish a few blocks before the end of October!
    I really like the idea of birds ~ Sooll suggested it. Really enjoyed making the crow and think that would be a great BOM. Oh, and paper pieced is the best!

  11. I had a lot of fun with this BoM. The level of difficulty progressed nicely from easier to harder and the theme of sewing is dear to all of us. If you do another one next year, I also vote for birds, or nature, or the outdoors (camping, trailers, campfires, deer/elk, hiking, mountains, oceans).

  12. it looks great, both versions do and so different!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this BOM. I went from paper piecing virgin to self-proclaimed intermediate in the 9 months! I thought you patterns were brilliant and I would LOVE another BOM next year. Ideas for a theme.... hmmm, that's not such an easy question, I'll ponder it.
    A question about the linky. Is it one entry per person?

  13. Love the sashing choice. This is such a fun quilt.

  14. Of course you were drawn to your perfect color for sashing... it's YOU! And your wall hanging is pure delight and fun! That will brighten up your wall while you sew!
    Thanks for the sash measurements, too. Yours is just fabulous!


  15. Turned out great! I might not end up with all the blocks but you take all the credit for any PP happening in my house :-)

  16. Awesome Kristy! I need to get mine together too.

  17. What a great finish! I would love to have that in my sewing room. I am jealous of your Koi bundle. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  18. Love this - the jade sashing is perfect!!!

  19. I am so glad that you listened to the Kona Jade! This turned out perfect! Congrats.

  20. Beautiful mini, the Jade is just perfect!

  21. I agree the Jade is a perfect choice - love that backing fabric - how appropriate.
    I haven't been doing these blocks - I stumbled across them via Sooli and I have collected and or bought them - but I'll come back & visit to see if you do a 2014 project.


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