Monday, 1 July 2013

And Sew On – July Block

 Time for the new block! We are getting down to the final three blocks now. I know – hard to believe! So they are getting a little bit trickier but you can do it! I’ll cheer you on! Smile

So our next block pays homage to our trusty rotary cutters. Where would be without them? I’d probably not be quilting as it would take me so long to cut everything with scissors.

July block of the And Sew On BoM

Of course there is a perfect opportunity for a bit of fussy cutting in this one. I decided to use one of my sewing prints in my “cut block”. I used Color Weave for the background, and Running Stitch for the “ruler”. I probably should put some horizontal lines on it and likely will when I put all my blocks together. I have kept the paper on mine to keep the blocks in shape until I’m ready to stitch them together. So embellishing must wait.

And Sew On BoM blocks so far

Here are my blocks altogether so far. The observant amongst you will notice there’s one missing. That’s right. I haven’t done the Spools block yet and it’s my very own BoM. I’m hanging my head in shame. I promise it will get done. Probably the night before I post about putting all the blocks together hehe.

So! Your turn to make a rotary cutter block! The pattern is now available for free in my Craftsy shop. The rest of them are working for their keep. Sorry. But there are bills to be paid and a fabric addiction to feed.


When you’ve made your awesome block, and I have faith that it will be in awesome, come back here and link it up to share its awesomeness. Plus – then you’re in for a chance at a prize. Yay prizes!
This month you have a chance to win one of these great prizes!

A fabulous scrap bag from Fabricworm


And how about the winner's choice of 3 patterns from my Craftsy Pattern Shop. Plenty to choose from!

Must mean it’s time to get sewing! Go download the pattern, sew up a storm and come back here to link up your blog post/Flickr photo. Can’t wait to see them! Happy sewing!

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  1. A truly essential piece of equipment, dangerous though it may be on occasion! Your blocks are looking great together so far (even if there is one missing!)

  2. Aha! I don't feel so bad about not having done the Spools block yet now that I know you haven't made it either :) We'll just ignore the fact that I haven't started last month's block yet too!

    Great block Kristy, I am glossing over the bit about them getting trickier!

  3. This block is great ~ the rotary cutter looks so real. Love how all the blocks look together. Thanks so much for this new one.

  4. Looking good. The butterflies with iron are still my favorite. What a ridiculous combination, lol.

  5. Hanging my head in shame... again!! Love this block!

  6. Whew!!! i am beating the deadline but almost forgot to link up!! I knew it was the end of the month so i was thinking about August's block and remembered!!!!!

  7. Just wondered Kristy if you had done the prize draw for this month yet? Have I missed it?


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