Wednesday, 1 May 2013

And Sew On – May Block

 Keep Calm and Press On! I’m sure we’ve all had quilting moments when that’s a bit of a mantra as we try to iron blocks into submission. Or maybe that’s just me hehe!

So here’s May’s block – all about the iron.

We are starting to get into the trickier blocks. But don’t worry – you an do it. One piece at a time, one seam at a time and remember to breathe.
Winking smile
I highly suggest you check out my tutorial on paper piecing angles as there are a few angles in this block. They are very doable though – just use bigger pieces of fabric. The other tip is once you think you have your fabric lined up, sew it with a long basting stitch so you can check and see if it worked. If it did, re-sew with the smaller stitch length. If it didn’t work, well at least the longer stitch isn’t as hard to unpick as the smaller one!

Paper Piecing angles 2_thumb[3]

With this block we are now halfway through the BoM! Gone fast hasn’t it!

And Sew On BoM So Far

You can download May’s block for free from my Craftsy shop. It will be free for the month of May. The previous BoM blocks are also available, but no longer free. They have to earn their keep.


So what do you do once you’ve made your awesome block? Why make sure you link it up to the linky party at the bottom of this post for a chance at some fabulous prizes!

Yes prizes!

May’s prizes look like this:

Gorgeous bundle of Yuwa sewing themed fabrics from Sew Me a Song


A Charm pack of Happy Go Lucky from the Fat Quarter Shop

and a scrap pack from Fabric Worm

But you’ve got to be in it to win it! So make that block and come back and link it up!


  1. Great block this month Kristy! Funny how I'll drag my iron out any time to press something quilting related but the effort it takes to iron clothing is just too much!

  2. That's so cute with the butterflies!!!

  3. Oh look, off I got to print this pattern ON MY PRINTER!! Now, do you think this block is an omen for me to get an iron this month?!

  4. I really like your mantra, I am going to have to remember that! :) The iron block is so cute! I love that tiny little quilt block on the ironing board!

  5. your patterns are so awesome Kristy!!! (and their names too :)). i love the fabrics you chose to do your blocks in. Thank you!!!

  6. Butterflies and iron together? Oh my goodness! It's fabulous combination!

  7. Such fun to watch all this. You're really upping the ante with the next couple of blocks, eh?

  8. Great block! I have some catching up to do too.

  9. Love this new block Kristy ~ you do stellar work! I can hardly believe it's actually May 1 ~ the time sure has gone by quickly this year.

  10. Yay! It's the ironing block (it looks like my iron, but I wish my ironing board cover looked as pretty as that! I have requested a new one for Mothers Day!!). Looking forward to this one - love the butterfly wallpaper by the way - will do it towards the end of the month as a reward for getting a few other things completed. Great tip for using the basting thread - I've had so much practice at unpicking teeny tiny stitches that I'm not sure I need to use a larger stitch now (who am I kidding - I hate unpicking those little stitches!!).

  11. Great block Kristy. Maybe this will be the month that I finally catch up! Then again maybe not :)

  12. So I had a bit of a panic about paper piecing those tiny butterflies... then I realised! duh! Thanks for another wonderful pattern, can't wait to get on it!

  13. Cute block! I'm heading over to download it now!

  14. Amen to the "at least the big stitches are easier to pick out". The "baste it first" tip is the best one for paper piecing. The second is "print out multiple copies of the pattern, you will mess up!".

    I think I'm going to give this one a go. It doesn't terrify me like a few of the others.

  15. I think its a great block, no I'm not intimidated at all! :| This time I will read the tips you give ;)

  16. heheh i am getting a new iron in may, I've bought one but its in its box until my Birthday :)

  17. It's you and me both with that iron. Great tip on the longer basting stitch. I've recently unpicked a few paper pieced teeny tiny stitches and it was horrible.


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