Friday, 3 May 2013

A bit of sewing

 The past few weeks have been a bit stressful. So in direct correlation to that, there’s been a good amount of sewing happening. Sewing makes me happy. Stress does not. So sewing wins. Yay sewing.
So what has been on the sewing agenda?!

How about yet another reverse applique canvas? Yes please.

Birdie canvas

This one was a little gift for the lovely Erin who recently got married. Rotten Australia Post promised me it would arrive before the wedding, but it didn’t. Made me sad as it was made to match Erin’s awesome wedding decos! Sad. Rotten Australia Post.

I’ve also been working on a few Bee blocks. I am down to three Bees now and that suits me fine. Just the right amount I think!

So for QCA Bee 1, it was Marieka’s month. She chose a nice easy block.

Marieka's bee block

The pattern is Garden Fence from Hyacinth Quilts. Marieka gave us free reign on colour and fabric choice so I went with a bit of Perfectly Perched and a red solid. Though seeing what the other girls have made colourwise, this one might stick out like a sore thumb! Hope not!

And first week of May and I already have one lot of Bee blocks done! This time for do.Good stitches – Care Circle.

Little Fishies

Paper pieced fishies (pattern here). Merran tried to convince me to try the freeze paper method of paper piecing. I gave it a shot (especially as Merran had included great little templates for this!) but my brain just couldn’t get the hang of it. So back to regular paper piecing for me. Sorry Merran. Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks
Winking smile
For May, Wombat Stew is taking a month off to put our blocks together into something finished. Then we’ll start fresh in June with a couple of new wombats added to the group. Fun! So that gives me less than a month to get busy and turn my awesome Wombat Stew blocks (which turned into the And Sew On BoM!) into something fab. Thinking cap on.

All 7 Wombat Stew blocks

I have also drawn the winner's of the April And Sew On BoM. Thanks so much everyone who joined in! Congratulations to the winners: Kathy L, Sue P and Pippa P. I have emailed you ladies about your prizes. :) 

Right. Enough chatter, more sewing. Hope you’ve got some fun stress-relieving sewing therapy on the agenda too. :) After all:

Sewing each day keeps the crazy away mini_thumb[3]


  1. Yay! I won something - how exciting! Have to go check my emails. Thanks so much Kristy! Just curious, what is different about the freezer paper method of paper piecing?

  2. so much lovely crafting! Thank heavens it such a good stress relief :) Hope things get better next week x

  3. Oh yes - much needed sewing therapy happened yesterday. Gorgeous makes Kristy!

  4. I like those little fish. Haven't ever come across a freezer paper method for paper-piecing. Might have to check it out as I have lots of paper-piecing to do this month.

    Hope you have less stress on your horizon!

  5. Lovely blocks! I'm having trouble finding time to sew right now and noticing how cranky that makes me feel! Hope your stressful time passes quickly.

  6. Love your reverse applique canvases. They're all adorable (as are your Wombat Stew blocks. I'm looking forward to seeing them put together)! Rotten Australia Post. I'm still waiting for them to deliver a parcel I sent back in November. To two suburbs away. Rotten, rotten, rotten Australia Post.

  7. Love the fishes. Still haven't tried paper pieceing, maybe one of these days.

  8. Great canvas and blocks Kristy!! I had forgotten about your cute little mini, that is one of my favorites!! Can't wait to see what you turn your WS blocks into!! Have a good weekend!!

  9. Oooh I've got that fabric you used in the corner, I didn't want t o cut into it and chop some of the posters, but I neve thought to fussy cut it! Thanks for the inspiration

  10. I never tire of staring at your work!!! The wombat stew is too wonderful for words. I have applauded you in my most recent blog post - hope you don't mind!!!

  11. Beautiful work! I love the reverse applique you made for Erin. Rotten, rotten, post, but at least she'll have something awesome to look forward to when she gets back.

  12. Sewing is the best therapy! Your gift for Erin is beautiful and i love those cute little fish!


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